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Read All About It!!!!


I know, I know, a new pin is released every fifteen minutes now. But this one is really different. It's kind of like a Continuing the Tradition (CTT) and Champion Pin Trader all in one. It's the symbol of a true Scooper Trader! And it can only be found on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.


Scoop has made a lot of Pin Pals over the years, and being a Pin Addict himself, he knows one when he sees one. So The Big Cheese wanted him to have a pin of his own to share with his Pin Pals. If you love pin trading, then this pin is for YOU!

It's a Magical Moments pin in the spirit of the CTT produced in a LIMITED EDITION of 750.

Like the CTT, it will not be given on request. It will not be used for guest recovery situations (to make up for a mistake). It will only be given by Scoop to create a Magical Moment for Guests and Cast who show extraordinary enthusiasm for pins.

Each pin is individually engraved with its own serial number, and the background and inscription are rendered in colorful, hand-applied soft enamel by the one and only Scoop Sanderson. This gives each pin a distinctive look, with an extra added touch of TLC from Scoop himself. Each recipient will be noted in Scoop's official register so he can personally vouch for the authenticity of every one of these personalized treasures. Scoop's PTP is a beautiful badge of honor any Pin Trader will be proud to obtain.

And only a lucky few will!

Join Scoop for the One O'clock Pin Talk EVERY DAY EXCEPT FRIDAY & SATURDAY at the EXPOSITION HALL in Town Square at the Magic Kingdom. Learn how pins are made and how to trade, and play games like Secret Pin Trader.
Scoop's seminar has something for everyone, and there's something new & different every time. And YOU just might be the next SCOOPER TRADER!

It only happens at the Magic Kingdom, so stop by and meet Scoop on his Main Street beat, along with some other friendly Citizens of Main Street USA. They could offer you a glimpse of this new Walt Disney World Pin Trader Pin in person.

Go soon and go often. Because when this pin is gone…

As with any Disney Live Entertainment, this offering is subject to change without notice.


Read All About It!!!!

This is Scoop in his new trading area in the rear left of Exposition Hall.

Imagine a place to trade INDOORS with actual tables AND CHAIRS! (When will they realize we're hanging around whether we have chairs or not?) It's cool when it's hot out, warm when it's cold, and DRY when it rains! And they didn't spend millions rehabbing it. Yet Scoop invites everyone to make this their new pin trading wading pool. He asks for all the Scooper Traders to help keep the waters safe.

The kids pictured are Kaelin and Adam. Adam became a Scooper Trader yesterday the 16th. His family is from Kentucky, Scoop's home state. And they were celebrating Granddad Danny's 60th Birthday. They were so much fun, they were made Honorary Citizens of the Magic Kingdom. Mike is also pictured receiving his Scooper Trader, just after were pried his new camera from him to get him on a shot. Also an avid Pin Collector, Scoop was so thrilled Mike brought his new Digi Cam to the One O'clock Pin Talk and documented all the proceedings Johnny-on-the-spot, he made Mike a Scooper Trader too.

See ya round Main Street!

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