Wedding and Princess Series


Mickey Proposes to Minnie
Open Stock
Released October 2000
Retail $6.50

WDW Wedding Mickey and Minnie
LE 5000
Retail $8.00

First released in the fall of 1999 and reappeared
in the spring of 2000.

The Wedding Pavilion
Released October 19, 2000
Open Stock Pin and the Coach
Retail $6.50
The Coach is 3-D and
Glides Back and Forth!!

Mickey and Minnie
Beginning the Millennium Together
Open Stock
Released August 8, 2000
Retail $6.00


Donald and Daisy 
Released June 2000 
LE 10,000 
Retail $10.00
Ariel and Eric 
Released June 2000 
LE 7,500 
Retail $10.00
Cinderella and the Prince 
Released July 2000 
LE 10,000 
Retail $10.00
Jasmine and Aladdin 
Released July 2000 
LE 5,000 
Retail &10.00


Minnie Bride and Mickey Groom
Open Stock
Each Retails for $6.00

Princess Series
Released June 23, 2000
Each Retailed for $10.00

Ariel and Prince Eric
A Part of His World
Belle and The Beast
Tale as Old As Time
Jasmine and Aladdin
A Whole New World
Snow White and Prince
I Am Wishing for the One I Love
Sleeping Beauty and Prince
Once Upon A Dream
Cinderella and 
Prince Charming
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes


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