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Dizpins Zodiac POM Contest

Time for Some Fun...
One Pin at a Time...

Dizpins will be holding not ONE... but TWO contests to guess each of the remaining WDW Zodiac Pin of the Month characters.

Contest 1 will award one complete set of 12 WDW Zodiac Pins of the Month to the person who correctly guesses all 11 remaining characters.

Contest 2 will be a monthly contest as each Pin of the Month is released.

Here is how the contest will work...

  ~~ Each person participating in the contests will submit ONE entry by January 25, 2001.  This entry automatically enters you in BOTH contests.  On your entry, list each of the 11 remaining zodiac signs and which character you believe will be the character on the
Pin of the Month.

Now....the "fine print"....

~~  Contest 1 - Since it is likely that WDW will disclose the listing of characters prior to releasing all of the pins of the month,  we ask each entrant to submit ALL 11 entries before January 25th.  In December 2001, Theodore P. Trader and his Gramma  will randomly select ONE winner from all correctly answered entries.

~~  The winner of Contest 1 will receive all 12 POM's, subject to availability of course,
or comparable pins...and just in time for Christmas!!!

~~  Contest 2 - We will have a monthly contest that will select ONE winner from all entries that correctly guessed the character for that specific month.  As in Contest 1, all entries must be submitted by January 25th for all of the remaining 11 months.

~~  Each monthly winner of Contest 2 will receive that specific POM, subject to availability of course, or a comparable pin.

~~  We will announce the winner for Contest 2 on the
2nd of each month.
Good Luck!!!  And we hope that your astrological stars help you in forecasting the correct answers!!!

The Water Carrier
The Fishes
The Ram
No Contest for
Contest Winner
Sandra from St. Pete FL
Contest Winner
Nancy from St. Pete FL
The Bull
The Twins
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
The Crab
Contest Winner
Maggie from Decatuer IL
Contest Winner
Raylene from Toledo, OH
Contest Winner
Adrienne and Michael from Irvine, CA

The Lion
The Virgin
The Balance

Contest Winner
Ramona from Port Orange FL
Contest Winner
Meg from Jensen Beach, FL

Contest Winner
Kim and David from
Victoria, B.C. Canada

The Scorpion
Donald Duck
The Archer
The Goat
Contest Winner
Jon from Mission Viejo, CA
Contest Winner
Karin from Pasedena, CA
Contest Winner
Nichole from Los Angeles, CA

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