~ The Princess Ball Pin Event at the Magic Kingdom ~ February 23, 2002

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing to all Ladies and Gentleman of all Ages -

The Most Magical Pin Event of the Year was held at the Most Magical Place on Earth, the MAGIC KINGDOM Park at the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort!

Simply Beautiful Sleeping Beauty
Belle of the Ball
Dressed in pink with 4 jewels in place,
this princess glitters with excitement.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50

Princess Belle awaits her "Beast" in her
signature golden gown with multiple colored jewels.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50
Cinderella ready for the Ball
Stunning Jasmine
Created by her fairy godmother, Cinderella will certainly steal the prince's heart away in this wonderful jeweled gown.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50
Princess Jasmine looks gorgeous in her
lavender gown adorned with 4 violet jewels.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50
Lovely Snow White
Princess Bride Ariel
Showing off her gown laced with yellow jewels, she is ready for her prince to come.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50
Ready for the big day, Ariel awaits her prince bridegroom, Eric, in her jeweled wedding gown.

Edition size 1500 ~ Retail $12.50
Artist Choice ~ Evil Queen
The Evil Queen is looking to spoil the fun with the Magic Mirror by her side and draped in black with evil jewels.

Edition size 3500 ~ Retail $10.50

Click Here for PDF version of the Princess Ball Flyer

Tink Surprised Everyone Today with a
"Surprise" Pin Release!!
Edition Size is unknown, but claimed to be 1000. There is no edition size noted on the back, nor does the back of the pin say limited edition.
Retail $10.50

"Someday My Prince Will Come"
Here are the Princes that will be getting ready to attend the ball with their Princesses....
Prince Eric
...awaiting Ariel
Prince Phillip
Awaiting Sleeping Beauty
Awaiting Snow White
Prince Charming
Awaiting Cinderella
Awaiting Jasmine
Awaiting Belle
These open edition pins were part of the Magical Pin Map Adventure.

Exclusive LE Event Pin
"There is no art more fascinating than magic."

Map Completor Pin ~ Front and Back
LE 3000

Magical Adventure Map

Lanyard, Pin and Medallion
Back of Medallion
LE 1000

Many Thanks to Marlene!!

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