~WDW Trick or Treat Series ~
~Halloween 2002~

The treat is that each of the 10 pins created for the "Trick or Treat?" series will be released somewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort on Halloween.....
October 31, 2002...

the trick is, where to find them!

Each pin is a limited edition of 1500 and will retail for $8.50.

A trick or a treat?
MouseGear ~ Epcot
To find out is sweet!
Emporium ~ Magic Kingdom
Sniff out the clues...
The Outpost ~ Disney's Animal Kingdom
....to find these rare jewels!
All Star Sports Resort at Mickey's Pin Trading Night (7:00 p.m.)
The hunt will be draining...
Mickey's of Hollywood ~ Disney-MGM Studios
....but so entertaining!
Expo Hall ~ Magic Kingdom
Come rain or shine...
Pin Central ~ Epcot
...all 10 release at the same time!
Sorcerer's Hat ~ Disney-MGM Studios
So be part of the scene...
The Contemporary
...and have a Happy Halloween!
Island Merchantile ~ Disney's Animal Kingdom

Subject to change without notice.

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