Accused of being counterfeits,

these pins are on the

PTBI's Top Ten List of most

"NOT! WANTED" for trading.

The Pin Traders' Bureau of Investigation has reported that these notorious pins have been recently spotted on lanyards and in pin books at Disney parks. These pins are accused of impersonating authentic Disney pins, and they are spreading like wildfire. Be careful when approaching these pins as they are often accompanied by a convincing story to make you believe they are real Disney pins. You might have traded for one and not even known it was a bootleg pin. Pin Traders are asked to keep their eyes open and alert their friends and fellow traders when these pins are in the area.

For more information on each offender, please click on the Pin Number to read their full profile.

Pin 35835: Bootleg - Alaska Airlines - Mickey Aviator Head

Identifying mark:  " Disney" found on the back of pin

Pin 35865: Bootleg - Disney's Travel Trade Team

Identifying mark: " Disney"


Pin 32649: Bootleg - Disney Entertainment Cast Member (Sebastian)

Identifying mark: "Limited Edition of 1000" "Cast Exclusive"

Pin 35854: Bootleg - Magical Gatherings (Fab 6)

Identifying mark:  " Disney Made in China"

Pin 35550: Nemo Disney Dreamers and Doers

Identifying mark:   " Disney Made in China"

Pin 35510: Bootleg - Community Service Award (Chip & Dale)

Identifying mark:  "Limited Edition 1000"  " Disney China"

Pin 35103: Tinker Bell 100% Satisfaction

Identifying mark: " Disney Made in China"

Pin 35430: BOOTLEG- Lilo and Stitch Red Cross pin

Identifying mark: " Disney" "American Red Cross"

Pin 33726: WDW Vacation Platinum Plan - Your Key To The World

Identifying mark: "Limited Edition of 1000" & " Disney"

Pin 32796: Bootleg - WDW Loss Prevention Pin with Donald Duck

Identifying mark: "Cast Member Exclusive"  "Limited Edition of 1000"  " Disney China"

NOTE:  Because these bootleg pins are not genuine Disney pins, they are ineligible for trading onto Cast Member lanyards at Disney parks, stores or resort areas.

The "Top Ten" are the most recent or most notorious offenders.  For a complete list of known bootleg Disney pins, please visit this pin group on

The best way to be protected from becoming a bootleg victim is to arm yourself with information.

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