Known Scrappers/Counterfeit Pins
Scrappers are pins that were made in the factories in China over the allotment made by Disney. Are they a Disney pin? Yes they are.. but they are pins over and above the allotment "ordered" by Disney. So in essence, they could be called illegally made Disney Pins. Sometimes when the "second illegal run" of the pin is done, there are differences noted, but it can only be known comparing two pins side by side. These pins can also be classified as counterfeits.

Also, if the pin is made for Disney, and there is some error or variation noted, the pin may be "thrown on the floor" to be "discarded". Thus, the term "scrapper", as the pin should have been "scrapped". Unfortunately, they are not discarded and those may be the pins you are seeing being sold. When a pin is made, a mold is used. For whatever reason, the mold is not destroyed, so these pins can be reproduced again. What is happening, is that some overseas factories are making more pins for individuals who ask for them.

Recently, a factory in China has been soliciting individuals not associated with Disney to purchase Disney Pins without the authority of Disney. Included in these e-mails, are images of pins, which are noted below. The e-mail states:

Are you interesting about Disney pins? Our
factory can provide different style Disney pins
to you in stock. We have stock goods so that you
don¡¯t need pay for die charge.

We are slowly putting a warning on Pinpics with these known scrapper pins, and the warning will note:

Please be advised that there are unauthorized versions of these pins being sold from China directly to individuals not associated with Disney. No one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin unless it was purchased directly from Disney.

Every pin released by Disney has the potential of being a scrapper. Once again, no one can guarantee the authenticity of any Disney pin unless it was purchased directly from Disney.

There has been a question regarding the DLR Lanyard Series Fish Bag Pins. We have been advised that the authentic Disney Pins will have the ©Disney/Pixar on the back of the pin.
There are "mini" pins now showing up in the pin community, wherein usual rack pins are being made into "mini" pins. Be advised that these are not authorized Disney Pins.

Here are some examples:

Pin 39378: WDW - Our Disney Garden Series 2005 (Minnie Mouse/Carrot)

Pin 522: Test Track Mickey Head Logo

Pin 18807: WDW - Mickey's Super Star Trading Team (Mickey)

Pin 42088: Disney Casting Scout - Discover a Future Star (Mickey Mouse)

Pin 43982: DLR - Colorful Character (Tinker Bell)

Many many more "rack" pins are also being found as "mini" pins. They appear to be copies of the official pins, just very small. Once again, these are not authorized Disney pins.

Update February 2006: After much research, one can assume that unless you purchase a pin directly from a Disney venue, the authenticity cannot be guaranteed. Any and all Disney pins have the potential of being a scrapper. It has also been determined that many older pins released over 4 years ago, are now appearing as scrappers. Noted below are some red flags to be attuned to when trying to ascertain if a pin may be a scrapper. Note that this list is not all inclusive:

  • Most scrappers come in a plastic bag with one staple closing the bag.
  • Many scrappers may have an error on the pin, whether it be on the coloring or on the backstamp. Some do not have any errors noted.
  • Look for sellers that may have many of the same pin of a low edition size.
  • Look at the location of the seller, if shopping on an auction site. There is a high probability that pins shipping from Asia are scrapper pins. Also read the description closely, and note why shipping costs to you may be high, i.e. pins being shipped from China.
  • Look at pin lots. Ask what pins are being sold. Ask what is on the backstamp.
  • If you are unsure of a pin, check it out on Pinpics, as many scrappers sold are pins that are not yet released or pins that have been pulled for release by Disney.
  • LE numbered pins that do not have a number noted are most likely scrapper pins. For example, if the backstamp is ____/1000 with no number or a blank space before the "/", it is most likely a scrapper.
  • Pins that are not of a Disney character, such as the Precious Moments pins, are scrapper pins. The error is the ©Disney on the back.

Update June 2006

These poster pins have been seen in the pin community, and they have the same back as the other posters from the Disneyland poster series: Official Pin Trading 2004 logo, Disneyland ® , Limited Edition of 1500, © Disney, China.

It has been confirmed with DLR and WDW (who had the samples from the pins in this series that were released) that these pins were never produced nor released by Disney.

Update November 2006

Many unauthorized pins are now appearing in the pin community with a HKDL backstamp and the pins have not been released at HKDL. Many of these pins are LE pins that have been released at WDW and DLR.

Also, many counterfeit/scrapper pins are appearing with a Disney Store backstamp, and these pins have never been released in any Disney Store, either in the USA or other countries. especially Japan.

This unauthorized/counterfeit/bootleg pin is similar to Pin 48365. This pin is similar to a prototype of Pin 48365, however it was never produced or released by Disney. Pin 48365 was the pin released by Disney. This counterfeit pin is now being produced in mass amounts and being sold to individuals not associated with Disney.

The difference in this counterfeit pin is that Minnie is holding a cell phone in her left hand. This pin is also missing the pin-on pin "surprise" licence plate and the pin is backstamped Hong Kong Disneyland in addition to the (c) Disney.

The actual prototype pin of the pin released at WDW does not have the Hong Kong Disneyland backstamp, and this has been confirmed with Disney, that this pin was not released in HKDL.

Similar to Pin 44791. Unauthorized versions of this pin do not have the writing on the computer screen. Some unauthorized versions are also stamped HKDL on the back.

This pin is being sold on the secondary market before being released on

If you note the counterfeit pin, not only look at the background color which is almost a neon yellow, but the placements of the paint "splatters" from the paint brush and under the "t" in paint. Also, if you blow up the images, the splatters are not as defined as in the authentic pin. The "star" thingy in the "t" of "wet" is also not as defined as the authentic pin. Also, Donald's tail feathers are not as well defined.

This pin has not yet been released by DSF and Studio Store, but is being sold on the secondary market.

This pin has not yet been released by DSF and Studio Store, but is being sold on the secondary market.

Pin 38107: WDW - Miss Piggy (Surprise Release)

The back stamp is missing the Surprise Pin LE 1000 and the date in the logo is wrong. It should say 2005. The front should have a TM next to Piggy, but it is missing. The stars on the fake one are slightly smaller and more defined.
February 15, 2010
September 7, 2010
September 19, 2010
October 13, 2010

Every pin released by Disney has the potential of being a scrapper. Once again, no one can guarantee the authenticity of any Disney pin unless it was purchased directly from Disney.