Here are the pins released at the
August Pin Celebration at Epcot
August 9-12, 2001

Pins Around Our World!!

Pins Around Our World with Tinkerbell "Flying" Around the World
LE 3000 ~ Retail $10.50

Disney Pin Trading
Slider Pin
LE 5000
Retail $15.00

Pooh Breakfast Pin

LE 1000 ~ Retail $8.50

Event Lanyard Pin

This pin was given to Breakfast Guests
on a Special Event Lanyard.
It is believed to be a LE 500

Map Completor Pin

Villain Series

Prince John
Captain Hook

Each Lenticular Pin is a LE of 5000 and retailed for $10.50 each.

Countdown to 100 Years of Magic

Pin # 4
Promotional Vehicle for Mickey Mouse Cartoons 1929
Pin # 5
Walt's First Merchandise Item
School Tablet 1930
Pin # 6
Walt Disney's Animation
Studio Sign 1933
Pin # 7
Walt's Most Famous Merchandise Item
1933 Mickey Mouse Watch

Each pin is a LE of 5000 and retailed for $8.50 each.

Countdown to Disney's Pin Celebration Dangle
LE 2500 ~ Retail $10.50

Event Logo Spinner

LE 7500 ~ Retail $10.50

Artist Choice Series

Artist Susan Foy
The Jungle Book
LE 5000 ~ Retail $10.50
Artist Dave Keefer
LE 5000 ~ Retail $10.50
Artist Michelle Morrow
Huey, Dewey and Louie
LE 5000 ~ Retail $10.50
Artist Ron Burrage
Queen of Hearts
LE 5000 ~ Retail $10.50

International Pin Set

LE 500 ~ Retail $100.00

Pupett Series

LE 3000 ~ Retail $15.00
LE 3000 ~ Retail $15.00
LE 3000 ~ Retail $15.00
LE 3000 ~ Retail $15.00

Each of the Puppet Pins are Individually Numbered.

Open Stock Pins

As part of this pin celebration, there were many new open
stock pins released. These pins were released at Epcot
during the pin celebration, and then in other
locations after the event.

International Pins

Disney's California Adventure
Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Disneyland
Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Paris
Walt Disney Studios Paris
Walt Disney World

Each pin retails for $6.50.

Open Stock "Award" Pins

Best Behavior Award
Best Reader Award
Clean Plate Club
Clean Room Club
Good Manners Award
Good Sport Award
Helping Hand Award
Super Student
Tooth Brushing Award

Each pin retails for $6.50.

To "Top it Off"!!

For all you Hat Lovers, this pin will be sold only on the Logo Hat
for the August Pin Celebration.
This pin will NOT be sold separately.
The hat and pin retailed for $22.00.

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