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Disneyland Resort Soundsation Pin Pursuit
August 4, 2002

Hear the sounds of a steam train whistle, a fire engine bell,
or the countdown of a rocketship. With the help of a map, sound-seekers
were guided to locations
throughout Disneyland Park.

Matt takes us along on his Soundsation Pin Pursuit!!!

Pin Pursuit Map

Getting the Map Stamped and Lines.....
First stop...getting the map.
...now off to get the Map Stamped
Tropical Imports
Fantasy Faire
Premiere Shop

and the lines.....

Pin Pursuit Map Completed and Stamped!!

......and the pins!!
The Fire Engine/Fire Station Pin with Fireman Mickey makes fire truck siren noises.
Jungle Cruise Pin with Donald Duck makes jungle noises.
Small World Pin with Minnie Mouse plays the Small World tune.
Railroad/Train Pin with Engineer Goofy makes train and train whistle noises.
Mickey saluting the Flag at Town Square plays the Star Spangled Banner.
Space Mountain Pin with Goofy, Mickey, and Pluto makes 3-2-1 blastoff sounds.
Each sound pin is a LE of 2500 and retailed for $12.50 each.
This is the free pin you obtained when you completed the pin pursuit and got all 4 stamps
Limited edition of 2500 Mickey. This pin was given to you if you purchased the 6 Soundsation event pins.

And finally....
Guests were presented with a meal coupon....which also helped you with the Pin Pursuit trivia questions!!

Many thanks to Matt for sharing his day with us!!

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