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Event: Disney Day Campin' Event
Date: Saturday June 21, 2008
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM
Location: Festival Arena, Frontierland® Area, Disneyland® Park

Event Information

Welcome Day Campers! Spend a carefree summer's day at Disney Day Campin' for Pin Traders. While relaxing under the shade of majestic pine trees enjoy a chat with fellow pin trading buddies old and new. Swap a few stories while swapping a few pins. Learn something new at the enlightening pin seminars taught by knowledgeable Day Camp counselors. Make a choice trade and experience a few surprises crafted just for you, the Disney Day Campers!!


Camp Out n' Trade at the Campin' Ground
Campin' Trading Activities (Limit Five(5) Campin' Activities per Guest)
Campin' Seminar (The Art of Pin Making)
20% off coupon on the purchase of Mickey's Pin Odyssey themed merchandise (valid 6/21/08 only at select locations)
Artist Signing with Jeff Granito (10AM - 12 Noon; Disney Day Campin' Pins only)
Commemorative Keepsakes (Disney Day Campin' T-shirt* & Pin)

Reservations for the Disney Day Campin' Event Package are $25, per person.
Limited to availability. No discounts will be offered in conjunction with this package. Separate admission is required to enter Disneyland® Park.

Early Bird Registration

Guests who register from April 1 to May 1, 2008 will receive a special limited edition pin created exclusively for the event. Guests who register after May 1, 2008 will not receive the "early bird" pin.

Guests who register for the Disney Day Campin' event from April 1 to May 1, 2008 will receive a special limited edition pin created exclusively for the event. Guests who register after May 1, 2008 will not receive the "early bird" pin.

The Early Bird pin is gold-finished, and has the same backstamp, i.e., LE 500!

More Event Gifts!!

White, 100% cotton Tee shirt has the DISNEY DAY CAMPIN' 2008 / Mickey's Pin Odyssey logo on left front chest only, nothing on the back.

Maroon shoestring lanyard with plastic event credentials attached has Mickey's left arm as a spinner to point at whichever direction one wishes.

Five (5) tabs will be broken off and used for the 5 trading opportunities. The
back has the event itinerary.

The Registration Pin is a round, gold-finished pin with Chip 'n' Dale in a small
sailboat named the "PIN-ODD-A-SEA" (get it? :-); Dale is handling the rudder,
and Chip is holding his pile of pins whilst standing next to the mast. They
appear to be on the Rivers of America since the background has Frontierland
mountains (Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain).

The border is a blue and white Compass Rose design with two-tone tan/khaki
directional points. On the bottom is a maroon oval with the Disneyland® Resort

A very beautiful, well-designed, fun pin!

Back says:
Mickey's Pin Odyssey logo
Official Pin Trading 2008 Mickey Ears logo

Reservations for Disney Day Campin' will be accepted only via DisneyPins.com beginning April 1, 2008 at 11 AM (Pacific) / 2 PM (Eastern). To Register Click Here.

*Upon registering for the Disney Day Campin' Event, please be sure to indicate your desired t-shirt size. Guests who do not register prior to May 1, 2008, will not be guaranteed the desired shirt size.

T-shirts will come in the following sizes:


X - Large
XX - Large
XXX - Large



To View the Event Itinerary and Additional Event Information, Please Click Here.

Please Note: The Big Thunder area will also be open to Event Guests who wish to explore and/or share their trading stories with new pin traders and park Guests. However, only credentialed Event Guests will be permitted into the Festival Arena area.


ALL ELEMENTS OF THE EVENT AND THE PACKAGE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. No items in this package may be redeemed for cash, and all items (and portions thereof) are non-refundable, non-transferable and will be forfeited if not used in conjunction with the Disney Day Campin' Event. Other restrictions apply. Separate theme park admission is required. Unless otherwise stated, all elements will occur or be available only on 6/21/08.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Walt Disney Event Services at 866.247.1203 or via e-mail at WDW.Event.Reservations@DisneyWorld.com

Please Note - All information is subject to change without notice.


Disney Day Campin’ is rapidly approaching and we wanted to share some updated information with you.


We have added an early registration opportunity on Friday, June 20, 2008 from 3:30 PM – 8:00 PM at Disney’s Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney® District. Please be prepared to show photo identification in order to register for the event. As a reminder, Guests of Disneyland® Resort Merchandise Special Events may not register for another event Guest.


With the addition of early registration, the 20% Coupon offer on the purchase of any Mickey’s Pin Odyssey branded pins and accessories will now be available for use on Friday, June 20, 2008 or Saturday, June 21, 2008. Coupons will be distributed upon registration.

The entire Mickey’s Pin Odyssey merchandise assortment may be found at these locations:

Disneyland® Park
Little Green Men Store Command
Westward Ho Trading Co.
Disney Day Campin’ Event Cart (open 6/21/08 only)

Downtown Disney® District
Disney's Pin Traders


Please limit the number of pin bags to three(3) per Guest. The maximum size of each bag should not exceed the standard carry-on size of 22” x 14” x 9”.


Remember to bring plenty of Trading Pins for use at the event Trading Activities and to trade with fellow campers.

If you have any questions regarding Disney Day Campin’, please contact Walt Disney Event Services @ 866.247.1203 or via email to WDW.Event.Reservations@DisneyWorld.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Disneyland® Resort Merchandise Events Team

The Event!!
Thanks to David for the pictures!!

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