Play It!!

at Disney~MGM Studios  

Sandra Tells Us...

**1,000 equals 5 pins and a hat that says you made it.

**32,000 equals 10 pins, a hat, a really nice polo shirt that says you
made it to the 32,000 mark and a copy of the computer game (2nd edition)

**The BIG 1,000,000 wins you 15 pins, the hat, the polo shirt, the
game, a very cool jacket that says you are a "millionaire" and a trip
for 2 - all expenses paid - to New York to see a taping of the show (and
possibly to meet Regis).

You can stop at any time and get the pins for up to that level.  The
game is so much fun!!!  Everyone has a chance at the seat.  So far only
3 people have gotten to the million point mark and it's been open now
for almost a month!  At least 2 or 3 people make the Hot Seat per show
and shows last 30 minutes each.  The first 3 questions are Disney
questions ( example: Who was Pinnochio's conscience? What type of animal
is Jiminy?).  The rest are general knowledge.  The best part is when you
phone a complete stranger.  They pick a person from outside and they
have to help you answer the question.

Thanks Sandra!!


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