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DTD Pin Celebration Countdown
March 22, 2001

And What a Celebration It Was!!!

Everyone seemed to be having a ball at this event!!
Every CM, including Security, had lanyards
on for Pin Trading.   As special treat, millennium pins
were given out to guests while waiting in line for the WOD to open.

Friends met Friends and made new Friends!!!
Families shared in the pin trading experience.

Families, Friends and Pins...
What could be better???

We will have pictures of the actual event happenings up soon!!

Pluto's Pin Pursuit Map
The 26th DTD Anniversary Pin is in the left upper side,
and was the one per person gift pin for
completing Pluto's Pin Pursuit.

Guests had the opportunity to have the map
with all of the pins framed.

And...the FIRST to complete the pin pursuit...

Dar and Rob from Tampa FL!!

Map Pins/Open Stock Pins

Art of Disney
Days of Christmas
Disney at Home
Gourmet Pantry
Team Mickey
Pooh Corner
Pin Trading Station
World of Disney

The DTD location pins are open stock, but were only available
at the individual stores today.
Each retailed for $6.50.

Event Pin

Minnie ~ Born to Shop
LE 1000
Retail $8.50
Designed by Allan Davis, who was available for
pin signing.

Spring Break 2001

LE 5000
Retail $8.50
Designed by Mark Seppala, who was available for
pin signing.

Here is Allan Davis on the left, and Mark Seppala
joining in the festivities!!

Countdown to Disney Pin
Celebration DTD Dangle

LE 2500
Retail $10.50
Bottom of Dangle says:

There will be another dangle pin at each of the other site
celebrations leading up to the
4 day event at EPCOT.

Thanks to Marlene and Bernie for the scans!!

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