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The Dizpins Terms of Use for All Message Boards

Last revised December 14, 2008 11:58 AM

Welcome to the Dizpins Boards! These boards are for those of us that collect Disney pins. Here you can find and share information regarding pins available all over the world. You can also "meet" friends who share your interest in this fun and exciting hobby. Dizpins is a Family Site, and we ask that your posts, links, signatures, etc. keep in mind that kids of all ages read Our Boards!

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE DIZPINS BOARDS. By using the Dizpins Boards, you signify your agreement to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use the Dizpins Boards. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms of use at any time. Please check these terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Dizpins Boards following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes.



  1. General Guidelines and Overall Information
  2. Controversial Posts
  3. Multiple Board Names
    1. Inappropriate Board Names
  4. Posts Regarding Auctions and Links to Auctions
  5. Sale and Trade Posts
  6. Fantasy Pins
    1. Counterfeit/Bootleg Pins
  7. Moderator Action
    1. Account Suspension and Banning
  8. Bad Trader Policy and Reporting System
  9. Privacy Policy
  10. Chat Rooms
  11. Posting of Co-Ops
  12. Traveling with Dizpins



These boards will stay open under specific guidelines, and the Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to close them at any time without notice. All posts on the Discussion Board will pertain to Disney Pin Trading and Collecting only. Any posts that do not adhere to Disney Pin Trading and Collecting will be deleted or moved to the appropriate board at the discretion of the Moderators.

The Dizpins Boards are open and available for anyone to post. We reserve the right to delete, edit or close posts that make personal references, contain obscenities, are inflammatory, contain personal attacks, or are in anyway inappropriate as per the judgment of the Administration. All posts that become excessively negative in the judgment of the moderators will also be closed, edited, or deleted.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for whatever material you submit, and you, not Dizpins, has full responsibility for the message, including its legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality and copyright.

Dizpins will also not be liable for any personal attacks made on this web site. The Dizpins Boards are provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. Opinions or views expressed on the Boards do not necessarily reflect those of Dizpins.

Please confine posts for trades and sales to the proper boards, and combine your posts into one post. The Moderators will edit or delete multiple posts by the same user or combine them into one post, if applicable.

The general discussion board is for pin information and discussion only. All other posts will be confined to the proper board, i.e., Cruise Posts on the Cruise Board and any Off Topic Posts will be placed in the Dizpins Coffee Shop and OT Forum.

Dizpins does not permit the use of these Boards for commercial purposes of any kind, with the exception of the personal sale of pins and pin trading items on the Dizpins Sale Board. Any other solicitation, such as charity or the sale of other items, must be requested in writing to the Administrator of the Board before posting. Dizpins is not responsible for any contests, pin swaps, etc. conducted by individual members.

Contests, Zaps and Pin Swaps may be started by any member and will be placed in the Zaps, Swaps and Contests Forum. If you start a contest and/or pin swap, the rules and guidelines must be posted. Dizpins is not responsible for any contests, pin swaps, etc. conducted by individual members.

Links to personal pages for display or sharing of pin related materials are permitted. If a linked, urled page or a link to another site and/or forum is posted, either in the body content of the post or the poster's signature, we respectfully request a return link to Dizpins. Appropriate informational links are allowed, however, we reserve the right to remove any link and/or reference to inappropriate sites and/or material content. Inappropriate links in signature lines or in posts, per the judgment of the Administration, will be deleted. Due to the controversial issues sometimes associated with links contained within myspace.com, we will not permit links to myspace.com.

At no time, does Dizpins make any explicit or implicit claim to any of the intellectual property rights associated with Disney or its affiliates. All other information on the Dizpins Web Site is authored and copyright 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000 by Joette McHugh and/or the staff of Dizpins, except for contributions from other identified authors who retain their copyrights. All rights are reserved.

The use of any technology which harvests/exstracts our content, including e-mail addresses from members, is also forbidden, including but not limited to Offline, Stripper, Webzip, and Web Downloader. If we catch you violating these terms we won't issue a warning. We will invoke our ZERO TOLERANCE policy and lodge formal complaints with your ISP, Web Hosting Company, master domain that hosts your site if you do own a domain, Upstream Providers, and applicable federal and state authorities. In other words, you agree that you will not use Dizpins to transmit spam, bulk or unsolicited communications. Your membership to Dizpins will also be terminated and that termination will be permanent.


While we are not affiliated with Disney, nor any portion of the Walt Disney Company, we would like to ensure the same safe and pleasant experience on these boards. This is a hobby site and should be approached as such. Please refrain from posting topics that may spark controversy. Healthy discussions are welcome but "roasting" a member, fellow trader, corporation, or business is not permitted. This is not a "no bad news" policy. Due to the large variance in opinions, we have found that the vast majority of controversial debate ends with personal attacks. The boards are a friendly place to have fun, and we need your help to keep it that way.


Dizpins does not condone the use of multiple board names as we realize that you may have different board names for different boards and/or uses. If you use another board name, please note that in your profile or email info@dizpins.com. Dizpins does track and record ISP addresses of all users and any board names created for the sole purpose of violating the Terms of Use of the Dizpins Boards will result in the indefinite ban of all related board names.


It is important to remember that this is a family site. The Dizpins Administrators will prohibit the posting for all screen names that we find to be explicit or otherwise inappropriate.


No links or references to auctions are permitted on ANY board or in your personal profile or signature. Links to auctions such as charities or the solicitation of funds solely for the use for Dizpins and Pinpics maintenance, must be requested in writing to the Administrator of the Board before posting.

There have been many posts about auctions that we find on the various auction sites. Ultimately, these posts tend to discuss either the bidder or the seller or both.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding auctions, such as why a seller is selling a pin; how he or she acquired the pin; or what a person bids on a pin. We want to avoid any misunderstandings or personal feelings, as many of the posters on this board buy and sell on auction sites.

As such, we ask that you be respectful of people by refraining from discussing auctions, prices, buyers and sellers. These posts will be deleted.


ALL sale posts will be confined to the Dizpins Sale Board. This board is for the sale of Disney pins and pin related items ONLY. When posting, you must state a specific price for the pin(s) you are selling, and you must adhere to the prices you list. No "make offers" or links or references to personal auctions are permitted. Links to sale sites that link to auctions are also not permitted. Do not list individual pins for sale in separate posts. Please combine your postings to save on space and for the consideration of others. The moderators reserve the right to edit and/or combine and/or delete any and all sale posts.

Any begging or looking for posts will be moved to the appropriate boards, if that is the sole purpose of that post and it is a stand alone regarding the trade or sale of pin(s).

However, if a member makes an informational post, and that member requests a trade for that pin or involving that pin, we will allow it to stay on the Discussion Board.

ALL pin trading posts will be confined to the Trade Board. This board is for the trading of Disney pins and pin related items ONLY. Please combine your postings to save on space and for the consideration of others. The moderators reserve the right to edit and/or combine any and all trade posts. If you are trading pins for any items other than pins, please post on the Dizpins Coffee Shop.

Please help keep the boards clean! Once you have sold or traded your pin(s), or you've found the pin(s) you're looking for, please edit the subject line of your post to say, "PLEASE DELETE". This will inform the moderators, and all the other members, that your sale or trade is complete. At that point, one of the moderators will delete your post. You will not be notified of the deletion via email or private message.

Any transactions completed on the Boards, including sales and trades, are not under the control of Dizpins and therefore Dizpins cannot be held liable.

If you are selling any item other than pins, please post on the Dizpins Coffee Shop. Posts on the Sale Board listing any and all non-pin items will be moved to the Dizpins Coffee Shop.
If listing items for sale on the Coffee Shop, you must state a specific price for the item(s) you are selling, and you must adhere to the prices you list. No "make offers" or links or references to personal auctions are permitted.

Japan Disney Mall pins being sold by members of the Ohana may be stickied to the Sale Board with a closed reference post on the Discussion Board.


A Fantasy Pin is a pin that does not infringe on Disney trademarks. The trade and sale of Fantasy Pins is not permitted on Dizpins in accordance with Pinpics, which lists these pins as Non-Disney/Unauthorized pins. As such, the trade and/or sale of Non-Disney pins is not permitted on any Dizpins Board and Fantasy [Non-Disney] pin listings will be immediately deleted.


Dizpins does not allow the sale or trading of "bootleg" or "counterfeit" pins. A counterfeit or "knockoff" pin, is an illegal copy of an existing Disney pin. A Boot Leg Pin, is a pin produced with a character, word (Fantasmic) or other trademarked material without the authorization of Disney. Any bootleg or counterfeit [Non-Disney] pin listing will be immediately deleted.


It has been our policy in the past to contact the poster regarding posts that are edited, moved or deleted from the Boards. This action was always intended to remain between the Moderators and the poster. Due to privacy issues and the apparent sharing of portions of the information by members with others, the Moderators are no longer obliged to notify members of the reasons for their actions. We have respected your privacy but apparently it is not reciprocal.

If you have a question about a post, please e-mail info@dizpins.com and the appropriate Terms of Use will be forwarded to you with the statement “This communication is intended for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, proprietary, confidential and exempt from disclosure”.

If anyone has concerns about a post, the maintenance of the Dizpins Boards, or anything about the boards, they will privately e-mail info@dizpins.com to inquire about their concerns. NO posts will be allowed on these boards regarding the manner in which the boards are run or the actions of the Board Administrator or the Moderators, and any such posts will be immediately deleted.


The Administrators and Moderators of Dizpins reserve the right to suspend or ban any person from posting on these boards with or without cause. We also reserve the right to forego account suspension and immediately ban anyone from posting on the boards at any time, with or without following the protocol below.

Banning is a private matter between the Moderators and person banned and will not be discussed publicly or through third parties. It is not acceptable to return to the boards under another username, if you are banned. If you do, your ban will be permanent, including banning of your ISP.

When any member violates the Dizpins Boards Terms of Use, the Administrators have the right to use the following protocol:

First Offense - A warning email will be sent to the member, if their e-mail is public and/or they have their ezboard inbox activated.

Second Offense - 30 day suspension and warning of possible ban. After the 30 days has passed, the suspended member will email info@dizpins.com with "Suspension" in the subject line, if they desire to have their account reinstated.

Third Offense - Permanent Banning from the Dizpins Boards.

**Please note that any person permanently banned from the Dizpins Boards for bad trading and/or bad selling practices or any person banned from Pinpics, will also have their references removed, if present, from the Dizpins Reference Center.



PinPics and Dizpins has developed a bad trade reporting system. This system can be entered by clicking here. Please use this system to report suspected bad traders.

We understand that there are dishonest people in the pin trading community and how do we figure out who those people are to help prevent trades like this happening? We want you to understand why we do not have a reference center that includes bad trade references. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourselves.

How would everyone feel if someone left a bad reference for you and you didn't feel that you deserved it? What would your reaction be? Who would you blame? How would you solve that? What if someone doesn't like how long something took and leaves a bad reference? What if you mailed on the exact date that you said you were going to and yet it didn't make it? Everyone has a different idea on what makes a bad trader.

Dizpins and PinPics CANNOT assume responsibility for something that we have no control over, and if even one reference that shouldn't be posted was done, and we were sued, we would be out of business because both Dizpins and Pinpics cannot afford that.

Dizpins and PinPics do not have the resources to create a reference center that would have the safeguards necessary to allow for bad trader references. Please understand this and accept what we do offer you:

1. We offer a Reference Center with the emails of people that you can email at anytime to check those references. We urge you very strongly to actually email those references and check them out.

2. We offer third party trades for people who want a further safeguard on their trade.

3. We offer help in the form of our complaint center where we give you moderator assisted resolutions to unhappy trades, whether it be from no receipt or receipt of damaged pins.

We do all of this because we want to make internet trading as safe as we can. There is no more that we can do without jeopardizing the very sites that give you the information and online trading resources that you have. With thousands of active internet traders, there are going to be unhappy trades, there are going to be bad apples, and we do everything we can to help prevent that. We do understand that sometimes this isn't enough to keep bad trades from happening and we commiserate with you when that happens. Please understand where we are coming from and let this be the end of asking us for something that we can not give you.

Negative feedback is not to be left in the Reference Center. When such feedback is found, the comments will be removed and any and all references left by the poster both for other traders and their own personal References, which have be left for them, will be deleted from the database.



Our policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our visitors. This policy statement tells you how we may collect information from you and how we use it. We believe you should have a safe and fun experience while using our Site.

Personal Information
We collect personal information only when you provide it to us - for example, to participate in discussion forums, chat rooms, contests, e-mail update lists, to conduct travel or merchandise transactions, or use other services on this site. You are not required to provide us with this information, but if you choose not to, you may not be able to participate in some of the activities on this site.

Contact information is used to respond to your inquiries; to notify you if you have won a contest or a quiz and to send products and services ordered from our sites.

Financial information that is collected is used only to process orders for products and services purchased through our web sites and is never shared with third parties for any other reason.

Whenever we request your personal information on our web sites, we will try to explain to you how we intend to use it and provide you with a choice to decline certain uses. In addition, if we plan to post any of your personal information on our web sites (for example, your name and home town to identify you as the winner of a quiz), we will also notify you of this possibility either when you provide information to us or prior to posting the information.

We may be required to disclose personal information pursuant to valid legal process.

Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information online --- for example, via discussion forums or chat --- that information can be collected and used by people you don't know. While we strive to protect your personal information and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online and you do so at your own risk.

Our privacy policy does not extend to anything that is inherent in the operation of the Internet, and therefore beyond our control.

Public Discussion and Chats
We make discussion forums and chat areas available to our visitors. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.

To register for the public forums, you will need to select a screen name and provide your e-mail address. A password is required to log into the public forums.

Whenever you contribute to a public forum, your screen name will automatically appear with your post and link to your profile. When you log into the discussion forums, you will be able to set up your profile, which you may edit at any time. You have the ability to change your password within the profile. Your password will never be visible to other users as part of your profile. Providing information as part of the profile is entirely optional.

If you have indicated as part of your profile that you would like to accept private messages, other users will be able to communicate with you by sending you "private messages," without actual knowledge of your e-mail address.


Dizpins gives the Dizpins community a place to meet, chat and share ideas in the Chat Room provided by Yuku. As in a real community, users of the Dizpins Chat Room are asked to respect other users. We have set out below the terms of use that will govern your use of the Dizpins Chat Room and have also included some guidelines we hope you find helpful. You must observe the conditions at all times while using the Dizpins Chat Room and we hope you enjoy your experience with others in the Dizpins Chat Room. Any and all terms of use for the Dizpins Boards also applies to the Dizpins Chat room.

Use of the Dizpins Chat Room is not endorsed by Dizpins and you, not Dizpins, are responsible for adhering to the terms of use of the Dizpins Chat Room. During any scheduled Dizpins Chats, one or more Dizpins Moderators are in the Dizpins Chat Room to oversee the chats.

Please read the terms of use carefully, as entering our chat service indicates that you agree to be bound by these terms of use. Use of the Dizpins Chat Room follows any and all other portions of this Terms of Use.

You must be over 16 to use our chat service, unless you are given permission to do so by your parent or guardian. Permission must be made in writing to info@dizpins.com with "Chat Permission" noted in the title of the e-mail.

Users will not use Dizpins Chat to harass, threaten or attack anyone or otherwise behave in any way or manner that would cause annoyance or distress to other users. In particular users must not use Dizpins Chat for the following purposes:

To transmit or knowingly receive content and/or language that are in any way unlawful, threatening, and offensive or in breach of any obligations of confidence. This includes the use of swear words and the use of offensive nicknames.

To provide instructions for illegal or otherwise harmful activities.

To transmit or knowingly receive information relating to (or include links to) pornography, pirated software and/or computer games or other counterfeit goods.

To collect and/or distribute personal data concerning other users of Dizpins or Dizpins members without first obtaining their written consent.

To impersonate another person (whether a friend, family member, celebrity, Dizpins Chat moderator/administrator or other Dizpins Chat participant).

For the purpose of commercial gain. This includes the transmission of advertisements and any other attempts to generate business from other members of the Dizpins Community.

Post chain letters or pyramid schemes.

Users should not act in any way to disrupt the flow of an ongoing discussion.


Dizpins does not undertake to monitor every communication or monitor the conduct of every user of the Chat Service. Dizpins Moderators will be on-line from time to time, in order to help ensure that other users are adhering to the conditions of use. Dizpins cannot guarantee the prompt editing or removal of any content. Dizpins is not liable for the content of any material accessed via the internet or any adverse treatment of any information placed by you anywhere on the internet or any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result. Dizpins does not endorse any opinions expressed by other users of Dizpins Chat. Dizpins reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove material from Dizpins Chat or close the chat room at any time with or without notice. Dizpins chat consists of information posted by third parties. As a result Dizpins accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice, information or data posted on-line or any responsibility for the consequences of your acting in reliance on such information. If you fail to observe these conditions of use or the Dizpins Conditions of Membership at any time, Dizpins reserves the right to exclude you (either temporarily or permanently) from Dizpins Chat and/or the Dizpins Community depending on the nature and severity of your breach. Dizpins reserves the right to deny access to Dizpins Chat to repeated breaches of these conditions of use or our Conditions of Membership.

Dizpins is not responsible for the content or context of any chats that do not occur in the Dizpins Chat Room. Dizpins is not responsible for any chat(s) that occur at any other website other than Dizpins, which is not Dizpins sanctioned and as such, we are not responsible and therefore, cannot be held liable.


We at Dizpins have found that there have been many problems with many of the co-ops that have been run on the boards. We will not be allowing co-ops on our boards unless they are confirmed DA auctions that are listed on the DA site, or co-ops with confirmed RSP event merchandise, such as framed sets from an event. All co-ops are the responsibility of the originator of the co-op, and Dizpins holds no legality or responsibility thereof.

The originator of the co-op may post on the Discussion Board that they will be running a co-op for merchandise, either a DA LE 100 Pin co-op or a co-op of merchandise from an event and that post will contain a link to a post on the Sale Board for interested parties. The post on the Discussion Board will then be closed. All interested parties will post to the thread on the Sale Board. The post on the Sale Board will be stickied, and once the co-op has been completed, the post will be closed and moved to the Closed Topic Board for reference.

If you are a confirmed registrant for an event, you may make a "co-op interest" post on the Sale Board stating that there is NO GUARANTEE that the item will be won on your RSP and there is a chance that you and the interested parties may not get this merchandise. Only confirmed registrants to an event may start a post for a co-op interest thread for event merchandise and this person will run the co-op. These posts will not be stickied. "Interest" posts will not be permitted on any forum except the Sale Board. Any interested parties will post in the interest thread on the Sale Board and e-mail the confirmed event registrant who will be putting the merchandise on his or her RSP and thus running the co-op. Any and all business transactions regarding this co-op will then be handled through personal e-mails.

Co-ops for Disney Framed Sets may be started on the Sale Board. If you are the person who will purchase the Framed Set, your post will be stickied on the Sale Board. The terms of your purchasing of the Framed Set and the terms of your co-op must be stated in your post. If the purchase of the Framed Set is confirmed, the buyer of the Framed Set may post on the Discussion Board that they will be running a co-op for the Framed Set and that post will contain a link to a post on the Sale Board for interested parties. The post on the Discussion Board will then be closed.

"Interest" posts for Framed Sets may be started on the Sale Board. In other words, if you are interested in a certain pin or pins from a Framed Set, you may post an "interest" post on the Sale Board. Others may post on this thread if they are also interested in any pins from the Framed Set. Once a "buyer" has been found, please e-mail Joette (wmchugh@rochester.rr.com) or Bev (niawen@aol.com) and we will edit the thread to state that it is a confirmed co-op for a framed set. The confirmed buyer will then start a new post with what pins have been taken and what pins are still available, as well as posting the terms of the co-op. Interest posts will not count against your one post on the Sale Board.

Out of courtesy for others posting on the Sale Board, we ask that only one interest thread per Framed Set be used.



Dizpins offers a link to assist you with your Travel Plans. The link can be found here. Any Dizpins Member who is a certified Travel Agent may e-mail Dizpins if they would like to be considered for a link on this page.
Dizpins does not endorse or recommend any specific travel agent over another. The travel agents listed are Dizpins members, as well as other vacation entities. The names listed are for informational purposes only to help you with your travel plans.

Dizpins is not responsible for any booking made with any of these entities.

Travel Agents posting on Dizpins will not solicit, advertise or use third parties to post for solicitation or use third party testimonials to promote their services.


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