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.....and here they are!!! 

Thanks to all of those creative minds....

Any more great ideas???
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Colin Toy Story "Alien" and "Claw" Pin Set
Renae Nana from Peter Pan and the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland. 
Kim World Showcase Pins and a replica of that country (as portrayed at WS) with a character infront of it that is relative to that country.
Mulan in front of China
Quasimodo in front of France.
Pinocchio in front of Italy (oops...that's been done!)
Winnie the Pooh in front of Canada (still the controversy over whether he belongs in Canada or  the UK...but I know the truth, hee hee) etc, etc....
Steamboat Art The Friendship Boats. They are a big part of Epcot like an icon and never have been put on a pin. There are eight boats all with a different color pattern and would be great to get all eight. I am  a Friendship Captain and would like to have these boats on a Disney pin. 
Allan Pins for the restaurants at WDW --  Prime Time '50s Cafe, the Hollywood Brown Derby, the Sci-Fi Dine In, Cinderella's Royal Table, and all those great restaurants in the World Showcase. I'm happy to see more Cruise Line pins, and I'd like one of the terminal building at Port Canaveral.

I'd also love to see pins from the actual studio in California (the Team Disney building with the dwarfs would be very cool).

Disney did so many great short subjects, and so far almost all the pins from those have been from the Mickey and friends shorts. But how about "Mother Goose in Hollywood," "Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom," "It's Tough To Be a Bird," and some of the others? Then there are the True Life Adventures ("The Vanishing Prairie," "Beaver Valley," etc.). It'd be great to see pins from the original Alice comedies from the '20s. And I'd love to see the animated characters from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" -- there's so little available from that movie.

Bob Norway Maelstrom Ride Pin.  In the center you could have a viking with shield and spear and a polar bear off to the side. Or you could have the viking boat in the center with the viking and polar bear on each side. 
Eric Fast Pass Series to include Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh, Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, Star Tours, Little Mermaid, Tower of Terror, Countdown to Extinction, Kilimanjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids, Honey, I Shrunk The Audience, Test Track
Amber Each of the four castles (all four disney theme parks) with the characters danglin'.
Lambert the sheepish lion from an animated short that came out in 1952.
Jessica A Figment and Dreamfinder pin (Dreamfinder cradling Figment in his arms, similar to a tote bag design from a few years ago)

Mickey Mouse Club Days of the Week set - Fun With Music Day pin, Guest Star Day pin, Anything Can Happen Day pin, Circus Day pin, and Talent Roundup Day pin

Elliott the Dragon pin (maybe even with Pete?)

Three Caballeros pin

John The Duckburg collection, based on the artwork of  Carl Barks comics and oil paintings.  These would include but not be limited to:  Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey and Louie in Junior Woodchuck uniforms; Scrooge McDuck; Gyro Gearloose; Gladstone Gander; Flintheart Glomgold; the Beagle Boys; and Magica DeSpell.  And finally there would be a special pin in the series:  Scrooge in the foreground with a portrait of Carl Barks looming in the background.
Amy and her Sister A pin with Mickey in his sorcerer outfit, with his hands pointed upward spraying the fireworks (like in fantasmic), and the backround is the castle, and on the bottom it would say something to do with Fantasmic.

My other one is the Castle with fireworks all around the top (not like the blue boxed one with fireworks) and have it say Believe for the new fireworks show. 

Robert An MGM pin that has film and movie characters.
KAT A DL Exclusive...a Billy and the  Hillbillies pin showing the four Hillbillies playing their violins. 
Richard The Duckburg Collection by Carl Barks. I think it would be  an honor to enshrine his creative works in a pin medium. 
Shannon Disneyland or WDW Fire Station that is in the  park. 
More from Amber The Robin Hood Gang (Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Ruck, Prince Richard, Maid Marian, Clucky, etc.) & Bongo from Fun and Fancy Free.  Maybe some new villians too! 
A pin for AP holders once they go to the parks a certain # of times. 
Besty Christmas pin set with the Cast from Mickey's Christmas Carol and Scrooge with a Bah! Humbug! Banner.
Linda "Cinderella's Fountain" and "Cinderella's Wishing Well" and (extinct)"Swan Boats".
All the shops along Main Street-past and present.
Linda Tinkerbell on her nightly flight from Cinderella's castle with fireworks in the background. 
Wolfsong Humphrey the Bear
Ranger Audobon J. Woodlore
The Bee from Donald Duck Cartoons
Wilbur the Cricket from "Goofy and Wilbur"
Max the Dog from The Little Mermaid
Characters from "Cranium Command"
Individual Country Bears
Al from Toy Story 2
Wendy, John and Michael
The Lost Boys
Maleficent's Henchmen
Different versions of Pete, Disney's Oldest Villain
Pound Dogs from Lady and the Tramp
Lafayette and Napoleon from the Aristocats
The Headless Horseman
Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet
Peter and the Wolf characters
Willie the Whale that wanted to sing at the Met
Pizza Planet Set
Little Brother from Mulan
Gus Goose (Donald's cousin)
The Jazz Cats from the Aristocats
The Vultures from the Jungle Book
The Colonel and Sgt. Tibbs from 101 Dalmatians
Horace and Jasper from 101 Dalmatians
Monstro the Whale
The Muses from Hercules
The Ghosts from Lonesome Ghosts
Horace Horsecollar & Clarabelle Cow
The Ugly Duckling
The Three Little Wolves
The Wise Little Hen and Peter Pig
Clara Cluck
Daisy Duck as she appeared in "Donald's Diary"
Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Characters from Toot, Whistle, Plunk an Boom
Gadget, Monterey Jack and  Zipper
Launchpad McQuack
Darkwing Duck
The Mirror from Snow White
Adult Bambi
Brer Rabbit, Fox, Bear and Frog
Bongo, his girlfriend Lulubelle and Lumpjaw
Willie the Giant and the Harp from Mickey and the Beanstalk
Bee from Bumble Boogie
Ichabod Crane
Lucifer from Cinderella
The March Hare
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Nana from Peter Pan
Merlin, Wart, Archimedes and  Mad Madame Mim from the Sword in the Stone
Wart as a fish, bird and squirrel
Penguins from Mary Poppins
King Leonidas, Mr. Codfish and and Fisherman Bear  from Bedknobs and
Characters from Robin Hood
Characters from the Fox and the Hound
Characters from Black Cauldron
Oliver, Dodger plus all of the other dogs from Oliver and Company
(particularly Einstein as a tribute to the recently departed Richard Mulligan)
Lotsa critters from both Rescuers movies.
Bugs from James and the Giant Peach
Scud from Toy Story
Molt from A Bug's Life
The Dung Brothers from It's Tough To Be a Bug
Goofy in various sports gear from his sports cartoons
and ... You can never have too many ducks.
Alica...who likes Eeyore!! Eeyore building his house from twigs
Eeyore set of Eeyore and Eeyore's tail
Eeyore laying down
eeyore swinging
Eeyore poping out of a christmas present
Eeyore as an easter bunny
Eeyore eating his birthday cake
Eeyore eating acorns
Eeyore under his umbrella on a rainy day
Piglet on Eeyore's back
Eeyore sitting down with Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, Pwl, Pooh, and Christopher Robin
Eeyore in love
Sharon A pin from Peter Pan, where all of the kids and Peter are standing on the hand from Big Ben, and have Tink somewhere on the pin as well, maybe as a light up or something. 
A pin of Hercules and Megara  standing on the cloud from the end of that movie. 
A pin of the scene in Toy Story 2 where Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Bullseye are all standing on the runway, their eyes wide, with Woody's hat in his hand.  Willie the Operatic Whale, that bird from Three Calleberos.
The two hats, Alice Bluebonnet and Johnny Fedora,  Gopher from Winnie the Pooh, and more for Rabbit. 
Kat I'd like a pin in the Magical Moments series that shows Aurora (soon to be Sleeping Beauty) reaching toward the spindle of the spinning wheel just  before she pricks her finger and goes into a deep sleep.
Marsha A set of pins in the shape of a T.V. and in the set would be one of the faces of an original Mickey Mouse Club members. Or it could look like the Mickey Mouse red target logo, and in front of the logo would be the cast  members face. Of course they would be wearing the classic ears.
Heather Bonkers (it's a show on Toon Disney), The Super Heros Huey, Dewey and Louie (it's a show called Quack Pack where Donald's boys turn in to Super heros), Baby Goofy, Baby Donald, Baby Daisy, Baby Tigger, Baby Pooh, Baby Eeyore, Baby Piglet (from stuffed animals in the store in (Disney World), Toontown called (Toontown Hall of Fame), Al's Toy Barn (from Toy Story), Brer Fox with Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear in a Splash Moutain logo, Goofy's Ride (in Toontown of Walt Disney World), Donald's Tree lot (on Main Street only at Chirstmas time). 
Jason The most Famous snack to get while at WDW...Drum Roll......The Turkey Leg!!! 
Ann A pin that represents the Disney dogs and Disney cats used in animated movies. 
Cheryl The entrance gates to the Magic Kingdom parking lot.
Also, the Crystal Palace restaurant, Ohana, Whispering Canyon and other restaurants and CHIP and DALE !!!!
Denise A set of disney pins which are musical.  They could each play a different song from a different disney attraction or movie!!! 
Erica I would really love an "El Rio Del Tiempo" (the boat ride in Mexico) pin.  It would have the Mexico building in the backround and the boat on the water. 
I love Tinker Bell and the movie "Peter Pan".  I love the last scene when Tink turns the boat into gold and makes it fly across the night sky.   That would be cool if they made a pin of the boat turning gold w/ Tink flying above it, and behind her would be a trail of Pixie Dust. 
I also love the Little Mermaid.  I would love a pin of Ariel in her grotto dancing around w/ Flounder. 
Here are some other pins that I would like to design:  Tiki Room, Carousel of Progress, TomorrowLand Transit Athoroty (a.k.a. People Mover), 
The American Adventure, The Voyage of the Little Mermaid. 
Dominic I would like to see a series based on the characters from the Mickey Comic Strips.  Villains like the Phantom Blot, Prof. Eks & Doublex and  Sylvester Shyster.  Mickey on his horse Tanglefoot and maybe Bucky Bug and Eega Beeva.  Would really like to see them do something with the Blot, he's a favorite.
Colin Along the same lines as the suggestions from "Amy and her Sister":   Multiple pin set of DL or WDW castle with separate pins for fireworks.

Either a "Maynard" pin or ""I Saw Maynard".  Maynard Smith is a legendary Disneyland Cast Member.  A boxed set of Maynard's alternate personalities would also be great around Halloween.

Characters from the Haunted Mansion including: Stretching Room Portraits, Changing Portraits, the Watchful Busts, the Singing Busts, and Little Liota.

3-D Teacup pin containing a cup that turns.

Mickey soft pretzel.

Luke A pin of Mickey greeting people in a wheelchair at the MK or even a different handicapped person for each park. 
Crystal I think they should make individual pins of  Taran, Princess Eilonwy and Gurgi from The Black Cauldron. In fact...they should just make more Black Cauldron pins in general, since they only have 1 now! :( 
Sandy I would love to see pins for all the Christmas trees from all the theme parks.  The most unique tree was the Animal Kingdom tree at the entrance.  I was there Christmas 2000 and all the decorations were beautiful. Also, the wreaths hanging on the lampposts in Magic Kingdom down Main Street.  That would be beautiful as a pin also. I love Christmas and Mickey together.
Bernie "Pin Trading - Just for the Fun of It'' 
Laura A Dl exclusive... The REDHEAD from the Pirates of the Caribbean "Bride 
Auction" Scene. 
Also a SKULL ROCK AT NIGHT Pin (DL) based on the ORIGINAL Skull Rock.  Full-color with the waterfall coming out of its mouth.

And speaking of waterfalls........... How about one to remember CASCADE PEAK from DL on the Rivers of America. Her two (three?) big falls was BIG THUNDER (which the mine train ran UNDER... and "The Twin Sisters." I will miss this landmark more than I can say.

John I would design really cute llama pins.  All different color llamas with their interesting markings.  Some baby llamas (crias) and some adult llamas. 
Sandra A pin of Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp!!!  Make seperate pins that when joined together, they link up to look like that one part when they are singing and swinging at the same time.  Oh please!!!
 I am so looking for pins that resemble the cars of the more famous rides like the Doom Buggys from Haunted House and the Flying Peter Pan ships.  That would be so cool!
I second the motion for the Turkey Leg pin. 
A pin of the statues of Walt with Mickey and Roy with Minnie.
 More famous couples pins (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Mickey and Minnie, etc.etc.)
David "The Nine Old Men"
Seven Dwarfs marching from jewel mine
Team Disney Building
Dopey looking through gems (eyes could be jewels)
Large pin - stating    "I'm a Disney Fanatic!"
3-D pin of Mulan with father on bench surrounded by the cherry blossoms (on top of scene)
Large pins showing windows along with a picture of the cast members who have received this honor
(Main Street at the parks)
 3-D pin - 101 Dalmatian- wedding scene
Andrew Tink flying in front of the MATERHORN with her wand blinking and her wings moving. 
MNLINDY There really should be a pin of Belle reading her book.  As a children's 
librarian, I would love to see more pins of characters reading books. 
Jim A pin for Pirates of the Caribean with a pirate ship in the middle and it says pirates of the Caribean at the bottom. There could be 4 cannons on the ship which could light up in order.
Jessica 10.  Dino Institute
9.  Dinoland USA
8.  Hollywood Tower hotel (Before the "accident")
7.  Sci-Fi Restaurant
6.  Sword in the Stone series
5.  Tale Spin Series
4.  Ducktales Series
3.  Gummi Bears Series
2.  Dark Wing Duck Series
and finally
1.  THE MARCH HARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff I would put out a LE Toon Disney pins, each pin released at either 2500 or 5000.  It would include: 
Set 1 
Darkwing Duck 
Launchpad McQuack 
Rescue Ranger Chip 
Rescue Ranger Dale 
Webigail (from DuckTales) 
Tale Spin Baloo 
Kit Cloudkicker 
Cubby Gummi 
Gruffi Gummi 
Goof Troop Pete 

Set 2 
Monteray Jack 
Goliath (from Gargoyles) 
Goof Troop Goofy 
Tummy Gummi 
Sunny Gummi 
Tale Spin Louie 
Teenage Hercules 

Logos of all of Disney's Animated Movies

Villians Series that would have:

The Horned King
Prince John
Coachman (from Pinocchio)
Headless Horseman
Mad Madam Mim
The Creeper

Yoda972 Spaceship Earth with Epcot on top and the letters on it light up
Ira ~ Age 11 Horizons with the year it was open. It would look like the building with the logo above the roof, letters Epcot under it with the years it was open 1983-1999?  [ I think it closed that year].
The Wilderness Lodge with the view from Bay Lake, with "Wilderness lodge, Magic Kingdom Resort" and below it, EST. 1994.
Mickey Mouse Review, with the band with conductor Mickey saying "Mickey Mouse Review, 1971-7980, Walt Disney World."
Discovery Island. It would look like the island with the letters "Discovery Island, 1974-1999 Bay Lake"
 Ice Station Cool that would look like  the snow cat and the glacier. On the glacier it would say "Ice Station Cool,  EST. 1998 [I think]."
The Frontierland shootin' arcade. It would look like the genuine Hawkins .54-caliber Buffulo rifle with a sign that says "Frontierland Shootin' Arcade."
Kevin A pin or set of pins representing the bears of disney.
A set of pins commemorating the Disney theme parks around the world.
Wanda I'd love to see Rafiki holding up Simba as a cub, presenting him to the animals.
Perhaps even a slider where Simba is held up above the animals.
Molly Scar on pride rock
Scar droping Mufasa
Scar with the hyenas
Scar and the pack 
Scar on the tree of life
Scar on his Mountain 
Scar defeated
Karen Epcots May Flower Power Celebration
Hunchback of Notre Dame Logo
Hunchback of Notre Dame Juggler preshow
Hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo
Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda
Hunchback of Notre Dame Phoebus
Hunchback of Notre Dame Frollo
Hunchback of Notre Dame Clopin
Epcot Music British Invasion
Epcot Music Off Kilter
Fastpass stations
Epcot Water Fountain Show
WDW Castle with tinkerbell slider
Dole Whip (haha who doesn't get one)
Walk around the World pin
Goofy anything Goofy, more Goofy
Gerry Minnie ice skating. I love to ice skate and every year that I go down there I always look for a skater pin it is never there. 
AJFlores My parents' favorite thing to do at WDW is to sit in the rocking chairs at Fort Wilderness.  I'd love to give them a pin of her favorite spot.  Also the boat launch would be neat.
Eeyorestail913 There is a Soccer Playing Mickey pin but for all the girls (from 4 yrs old and up) there are no Soccer Playing Minnie pins.  My son will get the Mickey but my 7 yr old daughter would like a soccer pin as well but wants a girl  character. 
SealCH The haunted mansion pin with people on the ride looking at the graveyard scene. 
Steve Eeyore pounced on Pooh's chest like you have on your page.
Jessie Siameses from Lady and The Tramp. 
Denise Like the ideas of the Si and Am pin(s) and the Discovery Island (original one that was in Bay Lake) pin, that have already been listed. I'd like to see a limited edition pin of probably the least known area, but probably the most seen result of...the Walt Disney World "doves!" Those beautiful birds fly from shows (Beauty and the Beast-MGM, Pocahontas and Her Forest riends-A.K., Disneymania-M.K., weddings-Wedding Pavilion to name a few!)
Jeff Jane (Tarzan); Clopin (Hunchback); Basil (Mouse Detective); Darkwing Duck; Gizmoduck; Gurgi (Black Cauldron); Mushu (Mulan); Hercules; Aladdin; Humphry The Bear; Nana; Any of the Lost Boys
Any villians besides the Divas Pocahontas (why is she never included in the Princess series?)
Gopher (Winnie The Pooh)
Atlantis characters
New Wendy (Peter Pan)
Fearsome Five (Darkwing Duck)
Dodger (Oliver & Co.)
Fagin (Oliver & Co.)
Any Prince

Disney has so many great characters, I'm perplexed as to why they keep focusing on the same characters time and again (Fab 5, Princesses, Pooh gang, Diva Villians, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell)

Ron the Pin man Disney Villains... Captain Hook, Wicked Witch/Queen, etc. 
Charters in the Casey At The Bat cartoons
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Characters
Wind in the Willows Characters
Tommy A pin for each of the locomotives on the different Disney parks railroad. 
Christina A Tinkerbell and Peter Pan pin and Tinkerbell can be sitting on Peter Pan's shoulders! 
More Pete Dragon pins - Maybe Elliott cooking the apples with Pete on his belly
Elliott with his "wanna be" scary face 
Elliott drawing the tick tac toe game on his belly 
Mary Poppins with her carpet bag 
Mary Poppin singing with her reflection in the mirror 
Mary Poppins on the cloud over looking the London skyline 
Mary Poppin's umbrella
Katherine My Dad suggested golf pins and other golf items that feature "Happy" from Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.  He says there are lots of folks out there who'd rather have a happy dwarf golfing and not just grumpy! 
Blair  I noticed the Disney Magic Cruise Ship has it's own special pin, the Helmsman Mickey.  The Disney wonder has an Ariel and some type of Steamboat  Willie.  I was on the Magic for seven days and I obviously noticed the Goofy hanging down from the back of the ship.  So my Idea is that there should be a Goofy pin just like that exclusive to the Magic.  Someone said that the Wonder has, instead of Goofy, Donald Duck and his nephews, Hewey, Dewey, and Louie.   So I think there should be a big pin of Donald, with the little gold loops hanging from him, and Hewey, Dewey and Louie. 
Lauree A pin with the logo from Downtown Disney's The Candy Cauldron - perhaps even framed with the black vines the actual store sign.
All the fairies together: The blue Fairy, the Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell, Flore, Faune & Merriwether, and the rest.  Head shots together, or better yet, a big pin with all of them together.
Mickey in a flame hot-rod.
WDW's Mickey's Mouse Revue - I'd stand in line all night for this one!
Ariel & Eric in the carrieage with Ariel driving.
Sebastian being served as dinner.
Grimsley, Eric's manservant.
Ursula as Jessica? - the girl she turned into.
King Triton's kingdom - Atlantica.
The creatures merpeople turned into after Ursula got through with them.
Runaway Brain Mickey.
A pin set from "Mickey's greatest moments"
The Haunted Mansion from WDW.
The characters in the HM's stretching room - portrait pins.
HM gravestones.
Jenn The last scene of Cinderella where her and Prince Charming are kissing in their coach with their wedding attire on.  It could start a haapy ever after series.
Michael Cheshire Cat - Grin Only (my girlfriends idea)!!
Disneybert How about a pin of a pin cart?  The new trading posts with the pin trader sign on it?  And one of each restaurant in the park.  I also cast my bid for the different houses in toon town.
Katie If I could desgin a pin it would be from Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. It would be Snow White at the top of it and then the Seven Drawfs would be dangling on the bottom of her. And if Icould make another one it would be for Goofy because u dont see a lot of him. It would be him on the alien incounter ride and Goofy would be sitting and the alien would be behind him!!

WDW-SC & DTD restaurants
Figment & Dreamfinder

Mufasa-The dream scene--3D pin with Adult Simba on pride rock and the clouds forming Mufasa's head with the sparkling stars on an all blue night sky

They could start a "Remember Series" Like:
The Discovery Island Birds Series Set: Each pin marked "Remember - Discovery Island" Peacocks, with their tails spread with sparkly blues and teals and gold; Black & White Swans; White & Scarlet Ibis; Birds of a feather flock together.
"Remember - Epcot" Horizons with the 3 choices (space-dessert-sea)
"Remember - MK" Mission To Mars-Mr. Toad-Swan Boats-Horse Trolley(I haven't seen them in a long time, are the gone now too?) I'm sure there are more that could be added in a Series like this!

Jolene My nine year old daughter, Samantha, had a great idea for a pin. She thinks
there should be a "I Survived the Tower of Terror" pin for people who have
completed the ride.
Jowee8 Turkey Leg pin, Haunted manson series, Toon Town series, Darkween Duck series, .Rescue Rangers series, A pin of Walt and Mickey standing in front of Cinderellas Castle, Sci. Fi Diner pin, Muppet Vision 3D pin with all the muppets wering there 3D glasses, Mr. Toad series of pins, A pin with all the castles from all the Disney Parks., Bernared (mouse), Bianca (mouse), Penny, Orville, Madam Medusa, (all from Rescuers), Morty Mouse (Mickeys Nephew), Horace Horsecollar (Mickeys friend), Cleo (fish from Ponocchio), Uncle Scrooge, Mega Volt, Launchpad, Mortimor Mouse, Clarabelle, Bonkers, Masupamali, Darkweenduck, Launchpad
Rachel Pin series of each Disney character mother with respective child, i.e., Dumbo w/mother, Bambi w/mother, etc.
Jessica Pluto playing tennis and Pooh playing basketball.
"Pin" Fan Monsanto House which WAS at Disneyland and all the dogs and cats from Lady and the Tramp on one pin.
Turtleneck97 A Ludwick von Drake pin of the color song from "Walt disney Presents".
JAD How about a volleyball pin?
Roger Okay, how about a railroads of Disneyland logo pin set: The Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad (old circle and cross logo), Natures Wonderland Railroad (NWRR), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad BTMRR), Casey Junior, Viewliner, Santa Fe & Disneyland Monorail, The Disneyland Railroad (DRR),
Main Street Horsecars

Or how about the Disney Railroads logos? Disneyland Railroad, Walt Disney World Railroad, Disneyland Paris Railroad, Western Rivers Railroad (Tokyo)

Or how about the locomotives of the Disneyland Railroad? #1 C.K. Holiday, #2 E.P. Ripley, #3 Fred Gurley, #4 Ernest S. Marsh, #5 Ward Kimball

Add the caboose from the freight train, and the Lilly Belle parlour car!

Or how about the stations of the Disneyland Railroad? Main Street Station, Frontierland/New Orleans Square, Fantasyland/Toontown, Tomorrowland

Kewlchamp Pins for each Golf Course in WDW; Carousel Of Progress;.Catastrophe Canyon; .Mr. Toads Last Ride Pin; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Final Voyage; Pins for each Restauranton the Disney Cruise; .Swan And Dolphin Resort Pins; Spectromagic with Fireworks; .One pin with the names of the water parks and on the top it could say WDW Water Parks; .Mickey Mouse dressed as Uncle Sam and pointing with the words on the bottom,"I want you to come to Disney".
Jennifer 1- Pin set of the Singing Heads (since walts face is on of them it would be a very hot set)
2- the Tomb scene where the arm is filling in the bricks
3- and last but not least a Boom Buggie with Walt and the hitch hiking ghost!!!
Rob Pin of Liberty Square (in Magic Kingdom) with Pioneer Mickey, Goofy and Pluto with on Liberty Belle Riverboat; Pin of Maelstrom in Norway with Vikings on a boat on the river with trolls on the shores; E-ticket series pin for space mountain; Goofy's Barnstormer with Goofy on the ride going through the barn. Pizza Planet Restaurant.
Diane How about a pincart pin that all pin-aholics are drawn to? At least I haven't seen one yet. That would be cool!
Tyler Uncle Ramos, All animated characters from "Song of the South"; King Triton and all his daughters from "The little Mermaid"; Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and many others kneeling at the foot of the Cross.
Disney transportation bus; Capitan Hooks Ship
Chris, Kelsey and Lauren Stanley from Playhouse Disney; P.B. and J. Otter from Playhouse Disney; Bambi slipping on ice; Sargent Tibbs protecting Dalmatians; Roger Radcliff playing piano with Dalmatian singing on top; Nana dusting soot of Dalmatians; Fox and Hound playing hide and seek; Fox floating and Hound diving in pond; Scat Cat playing drums with Duchess and O'Malley Dancing; Rescuers riding carrier pigeon; Rescuers in message bottle; Medusa water skiing from Rescuers; Kala holding Baby Tarzan; Kerchak; Jane's Father the Professor Riding Elephant; Simba seeing reflection; Hunchback making figurines; Sulley tucking in Boo; Dwarf sleeping in pot in fireplace; Disney babies tucked in bed sleeping; Mickey serenading Minnie; Minnie in Bubble Bath; Minnie and Daisy Sunbathing; Minnie and Daisy talking on the telephone; Disney characters riding on Transportation Bus; Disney Characters riding on ski lift in swimsuits (Blizzard Beach); and Disney Characters on Kali River Rapids.
WDWfan102 WDW Wedway People Mover now called TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) & WDW Pleasure Island sign with Jessica Rabbit
mistressg I would like to see Disney issue Little Mermaid II pins with several Melody pins, as well as her friends: Tip and Dash (the walrus and penguin). And of course, let's not forget to include Morgana and Undertow (anchovy size!)
Matt I would design a Frontierland Shooting Arcade pin with one of the guns up front and have some of the targets in the background. Or a glow in the dark Tower of Terror pin that has a sliding elevator that goes straight up and down the middle. And as a really rare, limited edition pin I would make a pin that has the Hammer man, Aztec Man, and Disc Man puppets from the Tapestry of Dreams Parade at Epcot and had them slide a little and make them glow in the dark.
Anonymous Lilo and Stitch
Debbie A round pin with Tinker Bell (face only) on it and pixie dust around the outer side that can turn like a wheel.
Jeff "Dive Quest" logo, you would recieve it only at the end of a dive in the Living Seas.
Michaela World Wide Sports Complex Pin; Citricos Pin (from Grand Floridian); Ariel's Grotto Pin
Turtleneck97 There should be a bootle beetle pin from that one donald duck cartoon.
Carol I would like to see a Jungle Book "Rama" pin.
Martha Covers of the Haley Mills movies; IE Parent Trap, Pollyana, etc; Old Yeller; Willie the Operatic Whale; The Carousel of Progress; Tink sitting on Mickeys Hand; Mickeys Hand with a pointing finger touching the end of Tinks Wand which her hand is holding with Pixie dust sprinkling from it; Tink in a jar lighting it up; The treasure box with light coming from the keyhole with the lid slightly ajar.
Steven I would have lots of pluto pins.....Pluto this and pluto that....and a haunted mansion pluto...would be nice and more haunted mansion pins.
Rravenclan It would be of stitch with the brassier on his head....I just saw the movie and loved it.
Dianna The Sprite from Fantasia's Firebird Suite. The only pin I can find of her is woefully inadequate. A boxed set with the different forms that she takes would be nice.
Clary If I could design a pin I would have pin for the different character meals (Chef Mickey, Winnie the Pooh at 1900 Park Fare, etc.) Also, I would have a pin for the Winnie the Pooh ride and a pin cart.
Sweet Piglet Some of the musical groups from around World Showcase, i.e. Off Kilter (Canada), MoRockin' (Morocco), and the musicians from Mexico, Germany, and Norway, and where ever else there is music.
J Krolak From Pinocchio: The female puppet (Josette?) from the I've Got No Strings sequence
From Hercules and Fantasia: Pegasus (with hinged wings)
From Fantasia: The Autumn Fairy, The Frost Fairy, The Snow Fairy, Centaurettes, The Thistle (Russian dance -- Nutcracker), The gold fish (Arabian dance -- Nutcracker)

And for the a special limited edition series: Disney that might have been / never was combination pins featuring a preliminary portrait of the character being held by the final character design. For instance: Ursula (Little Mermaid) admiring a portrait in her tentacles of her early mermaid design. Or Tinker Bell admiring her early sketch reflection in the mirror. Or Toulouse (from Aristrocats) having painted his initial character design as a self portrait.
thiter I think a pin that commemorates the opening of Club 33 which the 33 that is on the door or with Mickey on it like the jacket.

How about pins with all of the planets and Characters on top of them and the planet in the background (Pluto on Pluto).
Bonnie I believe there are quilters all over the world that would love to have a "Minnie Quilting" pin.
Sam12 1 idea is to make a WDW, Epcot 6 character pin set with an Asian Mickey, Minnie in a Dutch girl's dress, Viking Donald Duck, Daisy in a Irish dress, Mexician band Goofy and 1 pin with Chip and Dale dressed like English explorers.
Michael H 1) A Pinnochio pin set of the scene where he and Jimminy are under water looking for Monstro. (You know with the sea horses and all that.)

2) An Alice in Wonderland set with each character. Each pin would have the character and another piece from a particular scene.( For example: Alice reading the signs in the woods. Or, the Mad Hatter smashing the White Rabbits watch.)

Cory On my Disney Pin, I will have these characters at Toontown Hall of Fame: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Max,
Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Captain Hook, Jafar, Gov. Ratcliffe, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Suzy, Perla
Raviv5 A pin that has the mgm lion holding a clapboard.and its in front of the big idea studios symbol.
Julie I think that u should have a pin that has birds from the tiki room on it! It would be very cute!
Cory I would make the Cheshire Cat sitting in his tree and have the door comedown to show the Queen's area and on the back of the pin have a button and the cat says "most everyone's mad here"
Bozzacco I would like to see a Cinderella pin that has all the main characters (cinderella, prince, jack, gus, bruno, the fairy godmother, the cat, the evil stepsisters, and stepmom) in the carraige.
Shane Alot more Lilo and Stitch pins would be nice. Not the Disney store kind but more like the Parks kind. Like Disney land's cast pins.
boobilm If I could design a pin it would have Steamboat Willie saying I started it all with a white cloud surrounding it.
Ryan -Wendy curtsying (LE 5000)
-Magical Moments "Your mother and mine"
-Wendy about to kiss Peter
-Peter pan standing next to wendy
-Wendy in front of the UK (people seem to overlook that Peter Pan originated in the UK too, like winnie the pooh and alice in wonderland)
-Kathryn Beaumont (voice of wendy) with wendy
-Castmember Wendy character pin
-A box set with all of the chcacters PeterPan characters (standing up, not flying)
-Wendy concept drawing pin
-Wendy pin set with 4 pins (sitting, telling stories, flying and curtsying)
Cindy My idea would be different animal series. All the horses, dogs,cats, mice or birds just to name a few. ex: Lady, Tramp, Pongo,Perdita,Pluto,Jock ect.
Shane If I was going to make a pin I would want a multi layered Stitch pin from lilo and stitch that when you pull on the pin of stitch it causes his Alien appendages to come out of hiding. This would be like the puppet pins recently release at Walt Disney World. Accept in one pose it shows Stitch sitting but then pull the Dangle that has the name Stitch hanging on it it causes Stitch's alien antenna and extra arms to appear. Now that WOULD be awesome! especially if it was a LE.
Nancy Would love to see the Cinderella Castle dressed up in it's 25 WDW birthday cake covering.
Samko92 An all Disney character pin.
Nikki I think they should make pins straight from the country bear movie, exactly how they look & everything, even Big Al. He's my favorite ever since I was a kid.
Caitlin If I could design a pin it would be the Aristocats dressed like they are going to eat at Victoria and Alberts at the Grand Floridian.The girls would wear flower dresses and the boys would were tuxes.
Faith I would like to see a pin with the Robinson Tree House on it, what year it was built in WDW. I lived there when they first opened WDW in Orlando. Also, a pin with teh Hall of Presidents.
BJ I'm a big Herbie the Love Bug fan and I think it would be neat if they made a Pin of the Herbie car that separated into two halves just like in
the movie when herbie won first and second place in the race when the car broke in two. It could be two pins or maybe a slider pin.
Debbi Any character roller skating. Not roller blading but roller skating. lots,of artistic roller skaters are Disney fans!
Nancy Please make a pin of Max the dog from "The Little Mermaid." There are at least 3 Disney movies with sheepdogs in them and only one "The Shaggy Dog" Pin. Please make us a nice sloppy Max pin!!
Kathy I think we need more PIGLET pins. All kinds of Piglet pins, where he's by himself.
Candice I would like to see a “Mike” pin from Monster’s Inc. It would be taken from the scene in the movie when Mike and Sully are banished. Specifically the picture of Mike with the hot-mits on his ears and hands.
Eric Definitely a Carl Barks series as mentioned, and "The Nine Old Men". Also, have we seen Roy on a pin yet?
Zack What about a policeman shaking Mickey's hand and a paramedic as well we already have a fireman and a soldier.
Donald Mickey and Minnie in wedding attire; Stanley and friends; Ariel and her sisters; Belle with Beast after returning to human form and Mickey and Pals in career forms (Doctor Mickey, Nurse Minnie, Teacher Daisy, Police Officer Donald)
Catherine 1.More Pins from their stage shows and night time shows such as Fantasmic, Illuminations, and parades!
2. Flit from Pocahontas
3.More Cats
4. Always more villians (heros can't have all the fun)
5.The Tiki Birds
BrattyAngel Epcot ball or sumthin in the background and have Cinderella, Snow white, Belle ect
Chantal Jessica, tinkerbell and lilo and stitch together, with a light blue background, in a star or circle shape.
Tricia A series of pins that would say: My Favorite Character Is... and then the pin would have a picture of the Character and its name, like Tigger or Stitch, etc...
A limited edition of Valentine Disney Cats.
- One with Scar that would read "I love you like a Brother"
- One with Lucifer with his hair all slicked carrying a fish and presenting it to PomPom, the heart would read "A Purrrfect Gift"
-One of Si and Am scratching up a heart and the inside of the heart would read "Cat Scratch Fever"
- One of the Cheshire cat on top of a heart that would read "You're the Cat's Meow"
- One of Lambert and his sheep mother that would read "Love you Mom"
-One of O'Malley and Duchess all dressed up and the heart would read "You Bring Out The Best In Me"
-One of Tigger and his heart would read "You're Tiggerific!"
- One of Nala jumping on Simba and the heart would read "You Can Pounce On Me Anytime"

Sorcerer Mickey looking up in the stars, and one of the stars he is looking at has Walt Disney's face on it or his silhouette.

ClassySue2 ***Illuminations*** at Epcot
SkinEminE92 Have Mickey Mouse looking at a castmembers lanyard looking
Alexandria I think that there should be a Pin for 'Create a Pin' and it should have Mickey standing with Pins in his Hand and Create a Pin in the ackground.
I hope you enjoyed my idea. Thankyou.

Since I recently broke my foot and am relegated to crutches and a wheelchair, I noted that with the exception of a "nightmare" pin character in a wheelchair, there is nothing with a character in a cast --- to make the search even wilder, make it a "cast pin" of a character in a cast!

Peter A pin that had Lilo and Stitch at the Luau, and Lilo would be watching Stitch eat the cake with that disturbed look on her face.
YTaylorPup4 You should have a pin with Jasmine and Rajah
Christian There should be more Lilo and Stitch and also an "Illuminations Reflection of Earth" one also, along with the other firework presentation pins as well.

Brett My idea would be to have a pin of Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow having a frustrating, yet romantic Dinner, as Goofy (their waiter) spills Clarabelle's drink all over her ;-)
David It would be cool if you did pins for some of the Disney resorts like the Swan and Dolphin, the Contemporary, the Allstars, the Pop Century, the Boardwalk, the Yacht and Beach Club, the Carribbean Resort, the Coranado Springs, etc it would also be cool if you put one for all of the character breakfasts at each park with the characters they feature on it. like Crystal Palace, Breakfastasaurus, etc.
Chris, Kelsey and Lauren My daughters and I sent you pin ideas before. We thought of a few more that we would enjoy.
1) Disney Characters lookin in candy store window. 2) Disney Characters telling stories around campfire (Fort Wilderness Campgrounds). 3)Copper, Todd, and Big Mama from the Fox and the Hound. 4) Disney Characters driving the cars from the Grand Prix. 5) More Small World Dolls. 6) Dianca. 7) Bernard. 8) Minnie and Mickey driving off with a Just Married Sign. 9) Mickey and Minnie riding in horse and buggy. 10) 50's Minnie in poodle skirt and saddle shoes. 11) 50's Mickey in letterman jacket.
Brad 1) Pins for extinct or renamed attractions, listing their years of existance. I recently got a skyway 1971-1999 slider and think this would be a great memory for some of the old folks that can remember enjoying the Swan Boats, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, If You Had Wings, Horizons, World of Motion, Captain EO, Mission to Mars, Wedway People Mover, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Canoes of the Rivers of America, the Double Decker Buses at EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom. The same could be done for Disneyland.

2) Unoffical attractions such as the utilidoors below WDW. Walt's apartment above Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland. Walt's planned apartments at WDW above the pirates of the Caribbean and in Cinderella's castle.

3) Pins from all the great restaurants at WDW.

4) I love the build a pin series. I would like to see a build a pin that could have a person's name and the first year that he or she visited WDW or Disneyland.

5) "Will you marry me pin" to propose at WDW.

6) A 25th Magic Kingdom pin with Cinderella's Castle as a Giant Cake.

Kristi Since there has already been a garbage can series, why not have a restroom sign series? For example, the Prince and Princess signs from
the bathrooms in Fantasyland.
Beachbabe62592 Have all the aristocats on one pin !!!!
Jason Tarzan's face as a baby with a hinged butterfly that covers his face.
Jessie A lenticular pin of the cheshire cat that was the whole cat but when you tilted it, you just saw his smile.
Jonathan & Bonnie Le Bat en Rouge sign
Anthony Why not start a gargoyles series. there are so many ideas. The gargoyles themselves (individually)... steal clan.... xanatos in the jump suit... so many ideas but if you like the idea let me know.. I can come up with some good ideas. If you do go with it make them decent looking pins... not some little piece of garbage.

I would like to see Disneyland do something unique and fun by designing pins to give away to guests in limited amounts of course, perhaps of
just 100 pins.

Do a series of "Caught pins" ~ Caught Laughing and it would be of Tinker Bell laughing; Caught Getting Wet and it would be of the Splash Mountain characters soaking wet; Caught Relaxing and it would be of Pooh and Piglet sitting on a park bench; Caught Using Fast Pass and it would be of Cruella holding a ticket; Caught At First Aid and it would be of Nurse Minnie or Nurse Jessica; Caught Losing Something and it could be of Goofy touching his head wondering where his hat went.Then Cast members could just pass them out to
people doing those things.

Then they could have a Cast member who gave out pins to people wearing Disney Clothes. They would be "Fan" pins. If wearing Mickey they'd get a pin of Mickey that would say Mickey Fan. You could do all kinds: Tink Fan, Grumpy Fan, Goofy Fan, Stitch Fan, Tigger Fan, Marie Fan, Minnie Fan. Each day of the week they could look for a different character. I think it would make the park more fun and exciting to do something like this.

Krista I'd like to see a series of the fountains in the parks, also the castle of each theme park as a sand castle.

I think you should make one of Tinker Bell holding and wand with sparkles all over her


I would love to see an "Ariel Breath" pin....You know...where she first surfaces the water after Ursula turns her human...she breaks the surface and throws back her head, getting her hair out of her eyes...just her from her shoulders up. I would have the background yellow from the Sun and the blue water....Now wouldn't that be a cool pin..

I have another great idea for a pin....Gaston is the bad guy right in Beauty and the Beast, but you don't see him with the villain groups. Why? Make one of him in a villain set along with Jafar, and Captain Hook as well as the other "Human" bad guys. The set could be called "Bad Boys". Also, I think that a pin of him falling to his doom from the castle rooftop would be awesome....You know, the clip from the film where he is free falling facing the camera with his arms stretched out and the ground in the background....

Angie A pin for all the different color monorails
Danny Stitch on various Disney rides at WDW.
Rachel I'd put Einstein (from Oliver & Co.) & Danny (from 101 Dalmatians) on a pin together & text that read "Great says it all" since they are both
Great Danes. I'd also make carousel animals (without riders) out of all the 4 legged Disney horses & dogs.
Melissa Lion King -- Sarabi with Simba

How about Uncle $crooge dressed in kilts honoring his native Scotland...perhaps a Scottish castle in the background.


I would make a pin with Stitch smiling, Stitch in sand, Stitch with Eeyore, And Stitch with Gantu.

matthew Maybe you could do Daisy Duck and her nieces April, May and June.
Beverly More "Timon" (from The Lion King) pins....
Janine I love both Stitch and Tinker Bell and I think that it would be cool to have Tinker Bell playing a trick on Stitch...I think that Tink could be sprinkling pixie dust on Stitch's butt (like what poor old Nana had done to her in the movie)....Have Stitch's hands reaching out as if trying to grab Tink and her just out of reach, laughing of course? Now wouldn't that be a great pin of two mischief makers together?
hunnypots22 I'd like to see a line of pins from Pooh's Heffalump Movie, i.e.: Lumpy, Lumpy and the gang, some of the promotional posters put into pins (like Everyone wrapped up with Lumpy), etc., etc.
Rugratshel iI think you should create a pin with brave little toaster's and all the characters
Happylonso Goofy with Max. Sulley and Boo together, All of the circus bugs from Bugs life, Tarzan as a kid, Merlin from the sword in the stone, Fozzie Bear from the Muppets, one of Stitch's cousins.
Melimajuca1 I have a great idea: How about a pin with Jessica Rabbit looking like Mae West, ALONE, with no Roger?
Ricardo The Haunted Mansion changing portraits. A pleasant young woman into a decrepit hag. A ship sailing on the majestic seas suddenly becomes haggard; a ghost ship up from the bottom of the sea. A stately madame grows ashen, and suddenly becomes a stone Medusa. A triumphant knight on his steed is immediately struck by lightening, and electrified. And a beautiful Egyptian princess with feline features turns into a slinky black panther. This would be an awsome hologram pin.
Christine I think there should be an Aladdin pin where they are on the carpet but Stitch takes Jasmine from Aladdin like the origianl ad for the movie.
Wendell If I could design a pin they would be: Zorro, Elfego Baca, Swamp Fox, Texas John Slaughter, Scarecrow of Romney March, Johnny Tremain, Davy Crockett, Robin Hood, Daniel Boone, and Andy Burnett.
Tennisman20 A new idea of pins that would be great would be the Carousel of Progress pins. Not the pins already out but like I saw onetime they have pins of the spitting tiki gods that used to be in Adventureland. Maybe create pins with just the man in the Carousel of Progress through time or have a pin with Walt Disney acting as the man in the Carousel of Progress
AuroraTenshi Dormouse (Alice in Wonderland) hanging out of a tea pot.
Greg Design a pin for paramedics, or have the characters in an ambulance, people forget the paramedics when there are thousand of paramedics that do not work for a fire department.
Chris I would like to see nice detailed pins of the 4 steam trains at WDW and possible the cars as well. I am a huge train fan and expect there are
many more. Doing them in profile would be great, but the front view would be neat as well.
Brooke If I could design a disney pin collection, it would be a tribute to ABC's "LOST". Each Main character (living and deceased) would have a pin
with their picture on it, and there would be one pin with the entire group's picture on it.
Glen A Steamboat Willie pin that has a sign dangling from it that says "It was all started by a mouse."
Gary If I could design a pin it would have to be a pin that has Kermit and Mickey shaking hands because there is a show in MGM Studios.

Tinker Bell Safari
Country Bear Jamboree characters ~ Characters individually - full body pieces - no backgrounds etc. Sold individually or as a set.
Elliot - Pete's Dragon
Also....a set of all the dragons from any movie (each dragon separately and one with all combined into one pin) Maleficent's Dragon Reluctant Dragon Elliot - Pete's Dragon Etc.
Light-up Tinker Bell - (When Tinker Bell flies on her zip-line at WDW and DL only certain parts light up - her shoes, outfit etc.)
"Good Conscience" pins Pinocchio Timothy - Dumbo's Mouse
Fairies - individually
Tree Fairy - Fantasia 2000
Fauna - Sleeping Beauty
Flora - Sleeping Beauty
Mary Wether - Sleeping Beauty
Fairy God Mother - Cinderella
Blue Fairy - Pinocchio
Ariel in her blue/purple sparkling dress
All the princes (another wave)
All the princes with the princesses (full body)

Here is what I feel a great concept......

Imagine this as it unfolds you have a monthly series involving 1 hero (heroine) and 1 villain, but here is the twist. They are not from the same movie. Here are 12 great pins that would surely fly off the shelf. Also limit them to the year of the films release... (please confirm release dates)

1. Snow White as Sleeping Beauty touching the spindle with Maleficent watching on. (LE 1959- SB release)
2. Peter Pan as Eric fighting off a very large Ursula. (LE 1988- LM release)
3. Wendy as Alice playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts. (LE 1951- AW release)
4. Hercules as Captain John Smith fighting Radcliffe. (LE 1995- PC release)
5. Jasmine as Snow White being attacked by the huntsman. (LE 1937- SW release)
6. Tarzan as Quasimodo in the scene where Frollo sings "You are deformed...". (LE- 1997- HB release)
7. Belle as Cinderella fighting with Anastasia and Drizella. (LE- 1953 CD release)
8. Prince Philip as as Aladdin in the end scene against Jafar. (LE- 1993 AL release)
9. Merlin as Ichabod Crane fighting the Headless Horseman. (LE- 1947 IC release)
10. Georgette as Perdita fighting alongside with Pongo against Cruella. (LE 1961 DL release)
11. Lady and Trampo as the mice from the Rescuers fighting Medusa. (LE 1977 RE release)
12. Donald Duck as the "original" Sorcerer fighting the brooms. (LE 1940 FT release)

And as a bonus for collecting all 13 you get this......

13. Tinkerbell as the Sprite from Fantasia 2000- LE 2000

I love the concept of switching all these wonderful characters and putting them in other movie.

Charlotte... who Loves Stitch 1.Stitch chasing Minnie
2.Stitch w/ Angel
3.Stitch & Mickey together and Stitch doing bunny ears on Mickey
4.Stitch wearing Minnie's dress
5.Stitch at a tea party with Mr. Stenchy
6.Stitch wearing Mickey's outfit
7.Stitch wearing Goofy's outfit
8.Stitch wearing Donald's outfit
9.Stitch at Mickey's house and Stitch destroys it
10.Stitch in a race car and cars crashing to get out of his way
YAILY VAZQUEZ It would be nice to have the DuckTails collection, have all the characters of Duckburg from Scrooge McDuck and his nephew, to Magica
DeSpell and the Beagle Boys. It would also be nice to have a pin of the Scrooge's Moneybin.
Oshotabro 1. Pirate Ariel
2. Belle as werewolf for Halloween
3. Jasmine as witch for Halloween
4. Aurora as vampire for Halloween
5. Cinderella as Tinkerbell for Halloween
6. Minnie as Rajah for Halloween
7. Snow White as Frankenstein
8. Mickey as Frankenstein
9. Mulan as dragon for Halloween
10. Pocahontas as Meeko

I want, please, a pin of Basil and a other pin of Ratigan. And a Kim Possible´s pin. Maybe you could gave that pins for Portugal? Thanks. I
love disney!

VANBELLEDJSB I would make all of Stitch's cousins.
Bukantis Definitely a pin or set for Stitches Cousins.
More Muppets pins esp. with Fozzie Bear.
The "people mover" Transit Authority.
Bambi's Dad Bambi II.
Spideysense94 I Think it would be great if Disney made a Nightmare Before Christmas Jumbo Pin Featuring All The Characters In the Movie. If they did I would definitely buy it. I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas Fan!
Lee Power Ranger Pins. My nephew loves the Power Rangers
Tink8115 A set of 6 princesses sitting on a bench with their princes (Cinderella and prince, Aurora and prince, Jasmine and prince, Ariel and prince, Snow White and prince, and Belle and prince)
Stephanie A pin with the trio from Pirates of the Caribbean(Will, Jack,and Elizabeth) in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
Alex and Lisa

Since my daughter and I are fans of miniatures, we think a neat pin series would be the different transportation vehicles. You could have a pin like the pizza delivery car, a pin like the luggage cars at the resorts (the ones with the oversized piece of luggage) the buses, etc.

Spideysense94 What if there was a crossover pin where Jack Skellington meets Jack Sparrow (cartoon version) It would be funny to see their expressions.
Another great series would be "NIGHTMARE MINIS". Where all of the characters have big heads and small bodies.
Vic I'd like to see a pin, produced yearly, dedicated to the public safety telecommunicators (911 call takers and dispatchers).

The second of week of April is designated as National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week. It would be nice to dedicate a pin to these professionals.

Vicki I think they should make a pin for Mission Space where it's Mickey in they cabin with his face being strecthed back.
Cheryl Move Over Princess, the Queen has Arrived!

Featuring - Snow White's Evil Queen; Alice's Queen of Hearts; Lion King's Surabi and Sleeping Beauty's Mother

Susan I would love to see a pin set of all the "good-bye" signs in the various languages at the end of It's a Small World ... I know there is one in the Chip & Dale Aloha series but I'd love
to see every sign put out as a pin set ... maybe in a Mystery Tin collection!!?
Louis A series only containing Hop Low from Fantasia.
mmfritzsche I would love to find a pin that features the old man in the rocking chair that sits in front of the cabin at the very beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride @ Disneyland!

Nate Hidden Mickey set of Mickey bar, Mickey ice cream sandwich, Mickey waffleand Mickey pancake.
Princesses in other princesses clothes - Cinderalla in Jasmine's clothes; Ariel in Belle's dresss; Snow White in Sleeping Beauty's dress, etc.
Adrienne Mulan and Li Shang together as a couple.
Pocahontas in her dress from Pocahontas II.

For Tiana and her upcoming movie:
Her "original" yellow (waitress) dress
Her blue ball gown/tiara
And of course a couples pin with Prince Naveen!

I would love a pin of the 3 princesses from Mulan II: Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei Maybe even as a Magical Musical Moment singing their song, "Like other girls"

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