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A Royal Invitation to attend the most Regal Event of the Year...
This is Love
A Royal Knight to Remember

Hosted by the Magic Kingdom at WDW

Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!

We call to all those of royal lineage (and those who dream to be) to appear before the royal court of Disney Princesses and Princes this

February 4, 2004 ~ 7pm-10.30pm

at the WDW Magic Kingdom for a night of fun, adventure and celebration!

As royal guests, you can begin this very special evening by viewing the Magic Kingdom's new fireworks spectacular, "Wishes" on your own. Then, join us for a mysterious moment that awaits you at a SCRUMPTIOUS DINNER hosted by Lady Tremain and her cronies. But before they can convert you to their evil cause, you are whisked away to Cinderella’s Castle, for a private viewing of CINDERELLA’S SURPRISE CELEBRATION.

Just as the festivities reach a peak, the Major Domo will appear with a major announcement. A wicked wrong doing has been committed and YOUR HELP is desperately needed to locate the culprit. Clues are scattered around FantasyLand for you and your friends to discover on this special ROYAL QUEST. Plus, our magical Fantasyland attractions will be open for you to enjoy during your adventure. ("it's a small world" will not be available.)

Throughout your quest, you may fortify yourself in Fantasyland to feed that "sweet tooth" with a variety of chilling desserts. Performers of all shapes and sizes, from wacky storytellers and romantic dancers to classic and royal Disney Characters will assist you on your quest.

The evening concludes with a special ceremony on the Castle stage that celebrates friendship, love and all things Disney.

Please make plans to join us this February 2004 for the most royal and regal occasion of all as we celebrate A Slipper, A Quest and An Evening of Fun!

Tickets are $125.00 per guest for ages 10 and up and $95.00 per guests for children 3-9 year old.

Tickets are extremely limited for this first ever royal event

Subject to change without notice.

Note: Changes made on ODPT.com January 10, 2004.

Frequently Asked Questions - "This Is Love" Event - February 4, 2004

Below are several Frequently Asked Questions regarding the "This Is Love: A Royal Knight to Remember" event. We hope these questions and answers will prove useful. The entire Disney family looks forward to seeing their Guests on February 4, 2004.


Q: Is there a special viewing location during "Wishes" for THIS IS LOVE event Guests?
A: Yes. The exact location will be announced on the event day.

Q: Will I be able to meet many Disney Characters?
A: Yes. Bring your autograph books because you will be surrounded by opportunities to meet the magical Disney Characters.

Q: What should I wear?
A: This is your night, and if wearing fun medieval costumes or elegant cocktail outfits will put you in the "mood for love;" then please strut your stuff! Noble Ladies, we do recommend that your shoes be as comfortable as they are expressive of your beautiful personalities. The Royal Quest will take you on a journey throughout Fantasyland, and your focus should be on the fun and magic, not a pinched toe!

Q: Are there any special shows or unique performances at the This Is Love event?
A: Yes, our creative team is collaborating on a few experiences that are either entirely event specific or have never been done at the Magic Kingdom before.

Q: Are there opportunities to dance?
A: Yes, one of the aforementioned unique performances is an interactive dance experience combining contemporary music and the Royal Court Dancers. It is not a "ball" because the focus of the evening is on the Royal Quest.

Q: Will there be a Children's Menu for the Event?
A: A Children's Menu will be offered at the This Is Love Event for children ages 9 and under only.

Q: What are the shipping charges for the items offered in the Random Selection Process (RSP)?
A: The Domestic shipping rates are listed below. The shipping price is determined based on the total of your receipt. For international shipping rates, please inquire at the This Is Love event.

$24.95 - If you spend $0.00 - $100.00
$34.95 - If you spend $100.01 - $500.00
$52.95 - If you spend $500.00 and up


there are some "Spoilers" on ODPT.com...

Click Here

And scroll down the page to read the spoilers!! If you enjoy mystery and surprises, do not read the spoiler responses!!

Artist Signings
Wednesday, February 4, 2004

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Patty Landing - Snow White & Prince LE pin
Susan Foy - Cinderella framed pin set

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Randy Noble - Litho, Wardrobe sculpt pin set
Cody Reynolds - Litho, Large pin set
Michelle Morrow - Frame, Book Box, Aladdin & Jasmine LE Pin, Log pin, Logo T-Shirt
Alex Maher - Mermaid frame pin set, Ariel and Eric LE pin
Martha Widener - Crown Sculpt, Sleeping Beauty Pin Set

The Pins and Other Merchandise
RSP # 1

This is Love
Logo Pin

This beautiful event logo pin on pin showcases our lovely princess as they encounter the forces of evil! With this low edition size, you'll want to make sure to add it to your collection!

LE 1000
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 2

This is Love
Cinderella and Prince

Evil Looms!!!! This unique pin
Cinderella and her prince as her
evil stepsisters and
stepmother look on...

LE 1000
Retail Price: $8.50

RSP # 3

This is Love
Little Mermaid and Prince Eric

Dreams of love filled this little mermaid's thoughts in this sweet pin on pin design.

LE 750
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 4

This is Love
Sleeping Beauty

This colorful pin features Sleeping Beauty and her friends in a unique heart-shaped design.

LE 500
Retail Price: $8.50

RSP # 5

This is Love
Peter Pan and Tiger Lily

This unique slider pin features a shy Tiger Lily and playful Peter Pan as they slide closer and closer for that romantic kiss...

LE 750
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 6

This is Love
Aladdin and Jasmine

This sweet pin features a pin on pin design as our royal couple floats
in the sky on a cloud!

LE 500
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 7

This is Love
Sleeping Beauty Forest

This unique pin on pin shows Sleeping Beauty and her prince in a beautiful gold frame as the famous trio of fairies looks on.

LE 500
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 8

This is Love
Snow White and Prince

This sweet pin shows Snow White as her prince gives her a lovely rose
to match her beauty.

LE 1000
Retail Price: $10.50

RSP # 9

This is Love ~ Love as Wide as the Ocean

This 8" by 10" small frame set shows 2 scenes from the classic animated film.

Ursula measures 2", Ariel measures 2" and Ariel and Eric pin measures 2".

LE 25 ~ Retail Price: $125.00

RSP # 10

This is Love ~ Foiled Attempt

This unique framed set measures 11" by 9" and captures how love overcomes evil.

The Evil Queen pin measures 2", Snow White and Prince pin measures 2", Castle measures 2".

LE 50 ~ Retail Price: $125.00

RSP # 11

This is Love ~ Safe in His Arms

This event framed set measures 8" by 10" features 3 different pins.

Cinderella in rags measures 2.5", Cinderella and Prince measures 2.5", Lucifer measures 1.34"

LE 50 ~ Retail Price: $125.00

RSP # 12

This is Love ~ Prince Philip's Dream

This wonderful framed set features an angry Malificient and dancing royal couple.

Framed set measures 8" by 10", Prince pin measures 2", dancing couple measures 2", watching fairies measures 1.5".

LE 50 ~ Retail Price: $125.00

Item # 13

This is Love
Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Peter Pan rescues Tiger Lily from the hands of Captain Hook.

Framed set measures 8"x 10", Tiger-Lily and Peter Pan measures 2", watching boat scene measures 2".

LE 25 ~ Retail $125.00

Item # 14

This Is Love ~ Large Pin Frame Set: Castle Scene

LE 50 ~ Retail $195.00

RSP # 15

This is Love ~ Beauty and Beast Royal Crown Set

This unique resin boxed set features 5 Beauty and the Beast pins inside a stylish red royal crown box.

The crown box measures 5" by 7.25", pins inside vary in sizes, each approximately is 1.5".

LE 200 ~ Retail Price: $95.00

RSP # 16

This is Love ~ Princess Armoire Pin Set

This resin boxed set is shaped in the form of Belle's armoire from the classic film. Inside you will find 3 backer cards as royal gowns on a hanger holding pins of Cinderella, Snow White and Cinderella.

The armoire measures 11" by 5”. The doors open showing each hanging dress and pin.

Each pin measures approx. 2”.

LE 400 ~ Retail Price: $85.00

Item # 17

This Is Love
Ladies Fashion Logo T-Shirt

This Ladies pink T-shirt features the This Is Love Logo.

Shirt sizes include Small, Med, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

Retail Price: $26.00

Item # 18

This Is Love
Girls Youth Fashion Logo T-Shirt

This Girls Youth Fashion T-Shirt features the This Is Love logo.

Shirt sizes include Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Retail Price: $22.00

RSP # 19

This Is Love - T-Shirt (Artwork)

Here is artwork for the This Is Love T-shirt.
Retail $19.00

RSP # 20

This is Love ~ Event Frame

This beautiful resin frame measures 7" by 8" and will hold all of your event memories perfectly.

It also features textured full colored characters, bubbles and glowing sparkles.

LE 300 ~ Retail Price: $20.00

RSP # 21

This is Love ~ Castle Anniversary Clock

This beautiful oversize resin clock figurine features all 6 princesses, Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel inside the Cinderella Castle as numerous villains look on including Malificient, Evil Queen, Ursula, and Jafar.

The clock measures 9" tall with a 1" wooden base. The clock comes complete with a glass dome. With each chime, the Princesses twirl inside the clock.

LE 300 ~ Retail $150.00

Item # 22

This is Love - Elisabete Gomes Charger

As you can see the evil wants to crash the party in this 22" diameter ceramic plate featuring some of our villainous friends.

LE 25 ~ Retail $800.00

Item # 23

This Is Love - Book of Memories

This resin book can hold you most precious jewels to your villain's pranks.

This book is approximately 12" tall and 3" in dept. It is in crested with jewels and stones with the event "This Is Love" logo. The box contains 12 note sheets, 12 envelopes and 12 "gold seals."

LE 300 ~ Retail $95.00

Item # 24

This Is Love ~ Princesses Imagination Lenticular Sculpt Piece

Here you will find your favorite princess waiting to meet their favorite Prince. They are not aware that Maleficent has other plans as they wait. She watches them from her Magic Mirror.

This Signature Resin sculpt is titled "Princesses Imagination" and features a Lenticular Mirror. The entire piece measures approximately 8" x 12" x 6".

LE 400 ~ Retail $110.00

Item # 25

This is Love
Arribas Brothers Crystal Champagne Flutes

These flutes come in a set of two for you and love to share. Each flute is made for the true romantic that will make a wonderful addition to your Valentine's Day celebration.

LE 200 ~ Retail $150.00
Item # 26

This Is Love ~ Lithograph by Randy Noble

No your eyes are not deceiving you - the Castle is crawling with Disney Villains that are not too happy about not being invited to Cinderella's party on the Castle Court. Don't be surprised by who you just might see.

LE 100
~ Retail $295.00
Item # 27

This is Love ~ Cinderella Big Figurine

Cinderella in her favorite blue gown smiles her way into your heart.

This wooden figurine stands approximately 24" tall. It will be available to you first at the This Is Love event.

Retail Price: $175.00

Item # 28

This is Love - Evil Queen One-Of-A-Kind Original Art by Allison Lefcort

This original art was used in a limited edition of 200 Lithograph from the 1999 Disneyana Convention, "Malicious Intent." The Evil Queen holds the key to someone's heart!

Edition Size: 1
Retail Price: $3,000.00

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