Chester and Hester's Pin-O-Rama!!!
Disney's Animal Kingdom

April 13, 2002


If you could not attend Pin-O-Rama...Ralph decided to "bring us along" and join in on all of the fun!!!

In a word......WOW!

Upon arriving at Animal Kingdom there was a banner over the far left side ticket booth ..
You were handed a copy of ...
Digg's County Tattler
"Diggin Up The Stories That Y'all just HAVE to hear!"
This explained how the event would roll out and gave us the news about the egg pins.
Seems only 100 arrived and the remaining 100 would be mailed out to people in about 2-4 weeks time.

They had LOTS of cast members working and the line to get your registration went quick!
You got a pass on a string (no not a lanyard), your map and your hip pack with 3 pins!
What ones? Well the Mickey Completer Pin, LE 1000 Walt with Dino and
the LE 500 Continuing the Tradition AK pin.

A twist on the map as mentioned.....the back had scratch off areas that
the cast members removed once you visited the first location.
Under the scratch off, it told you where your
next location will be.
Hmm.. no more working backwards for this event I guess!

OK so inside we go.....oh wait there is a patio area set up with tables for the traders
with complimentary water and soda! A bit short on seats but very nice touch!

On to TARZAN ROCKS SHOW......... Nester and Esther were there to start us
out with the introductions......actually they led us to Dinoland via the "walk the Dinosaur song!"

The Tarzan show was GREAT!
Rollerblades, Gymnastics, and Monkey suits!
I think there were QUITE a few ladies in the crowd that have a
"new holy grail" after seeing Tarzan!!!


The silent auction was set up with framed artist proofs. Pin of Month Tink, Labor Day Mirror, last years map and pins! Cool Stuff!
Oh yeah... ALL the Celebrate Culture Pins! (that went for $180.00)

As a special added treat, winning guests on Chester and Hester's Fossil
Fun Games not ONLY got a fabulous plush prize,
but tickets that they can turn in to get pins!!
What pins you ask? Well Pluto Mystery Dangle and some of these below.....(grin)
Yes the games were VERY popular.
The guys went for the ring the bell!
15 DINGS and Mickey 4 President was yours but you had to be
quick as there were only 1 or 2 of each!

FOOD FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD! Fantastic Spread!
No rush...go back for seconds, thirds and fourths.....then start desert!
Beef Tenderloin was a favorite. I liked the Pizza and Pasta.....oh the
Sea Bass was a hit as well. You know what? IT TASTED FANTASTIC!!

You had to watch out for the entertainers though! They would do anything for an excuse to grab your beer!

ON to the Dig site.......
3 big tubs of sand with Easter Eggs inside.......
oops......I mean Dinosaur Eggs!
ALL LE pins inside......some great....and some not so great.
Everything from LE 30,000 Epcot Flower and Garden from 2 years ago
to recent MGM event pins.

Oh and I was blessed to meet up with MISS DINORAMA HERSELF!
Look close! I was showing her how to use the batton....yes look real close....she is missing a tooth! OOPS

Did I mention how TOUGH the competition was at the WHACK the PACKLEYOSAURUS game? <grin> EVERYONE WAS GETTING
My sister left with enough fish to start her OWN Sea World!

Finishing Off the evening was a FIRST TIME EVENT as far as I am aware!

All in all a WONDERFUL Job! My only complaint was it was WAY too short!

Thanks so much to Ralph for "bringing us along" on a Dino-Mite adventure!!

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