Mickey's Parti Gras!

Ralph takes us to the French Quarter...


Well Off We Go To Parti Gras !!

Well arrived at Coronado Spring and I never realized they had a convention center there. How perfect ! Gee I wonder why they never tried this before ! Lots of room !

Before we could go any further we had to get .......BEADS !! Hey this IS Parti Gras ! Gotta have the beads on !

We registered in about 45 seconds and went on to pick up our merchandise. Another quick process. All the pins were great and no issues with anything damaged ! Wow ! Those Mask Set Pins are something else ! Big and Beautiful !

We were given our Glass , pin and Doubloon pins that were featured on the news page as our event gifts. I really like the Glass and Doubloon pins ! Nice ! Not 1, Not 2, Not 3 but FOUR LE 1,000 pins ! Great Start there !

In our welcome package was a business size card that we could throw into a box at Animal Kingdom to see if we would be the King or Queen of Parti Gras ! We also received 2 doubloons to get us started.

Hmmmm.. Doubloons ? What's up with that ? Well.....In the spirit of Parti Gras we were to collect festive doubloons throughout the day and evening.

Purple and green doubloons were party favors that could be redeemed for pins ! Gold Doubloons are rare and much more valuable and they could be traded in for Limited Edition pins and some pin sets ! COOL !

Oh and there was the silent auction. Some nice framed sets but definitely out of my price. I looked and most all of them were at 3-400 plus ! They had all the Halloween pins framed in a set, Lanyard pin artist proof.....the captain Hook one and all the Parti Gras pins too plus some others.

Oh and one last thing in our welcome package.... Mickey's Toontown Pin Party ! The date is set ! June 14th from 6:30 AM (nope not a typo) to 3:30 PM at the Magic Kingdom !
Opportunities to purchase beautiful limited edition pins and pin sets designed by your favorite Disney Design Group Artist, Character BREAKFAST at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe from 7:30 to 8:30, Character ESCORT from Main Street to Toontown for pictures and autographs, Pin Trading Cart, Carnival Games, Pin Giveaways, Trivia and of course a pin gift exclusive to package holders.

The cost is normally $45.00 but event attendees could purchase the package today at the event for $40.00 ! Nice deal. Yea I know $5.00 is not a lot of money but certainly is a nice gesture !

Ok off to the pin trading room......My big surprise was to look at one of the Chairs and see Joette sitting in one of the Chairs with Stitch !!!

Ok so not exactly her in person but she was there in spirit !

Well there certainly was a LOT of room to trade ! A nice setup with coffee, water and fruit punch. However the fruit punch disappeared quickly and unfortunately was NEVER refilled ! OOOPPS !

I don't know about the rumors of only 300 people attending but it sure looked like a lot more than that to me !
The Characters showed up to welcome us all and they were asking trivia to win......what else ??? nope not pins !
DOUBLOONS !! Remember this is Parti Gras !
geeze stay with me here ! :)

The kids trading area was set up and the adult pin trading as well ! Different rules this time around ! I did not see or hear of many LE pins or artist proof pins coming off the boards but there were sticker dots on the backs of some of the pins. What were they for ?? Well that meant you got DOUBLOONS !
Save them for pins ! I was not so luck but know a few people who did well !

OK OFF TO BOARD THE BUS FOR DINNER AND ANIMAL KINGDOM !! We arrived and were given a mask to help us get in the Parti Gras mood !

Well coming over the bridge toward Island Mercantile we could hear drums and see the smoke and lights !

Seems the festival of the Lion King was going on right there for us !

Certainly helped set the mood.

It got a bit CHILLY tonight and we were all glad to find out we were eating INSIDE at Pizzafari !

The performers must have been FREEZING in some of those costumes ! They did a GREAT JOB !!

I must say last year I was spoiled at the Animal Kingdom event. I am sorry to say I thought the dinner was the only letdown of the evening. While I understand they did try to theme the food to go with the event it just didn't cut it for me. Sure there was steak, roast beef but where were the mashed potatoes ? heck where were ANY potatoes ? I feel sorry for the younger kids there that really did not have much in the way of choices. No kids food table this time either. I think the food may have been a bit to rich or spicy for some guests as well. I was most looking forward to the sea bass from last year. No luck :\

So time for some CARNIVAL GAMES at Camp Mickey Minnie TO EARN DOUBLOONS !

Seems the darker paths lead to the villians who would tempt you to win doubloons !

Queen of Hearts was there with some cards. Her game was to pull a card off the table. Should you be luck enough to get the queen of hearts card then you got a GOLD Doubloon ! Pick any heart card and get a purple one !

Again I stuck no gold !

Jafar had a ring toss ! Should you ring a sword you got a doubloon !
Sigh.....again.......no luck for me !

There was Genie going a Skiball type game, Pluto with a Wheel, Old Had had you trying to pick a golden apple from her cauldron ! Lots of fun games. The lines were as expected for the event but moved rather quick. However.....did I mention how cold it was ? :(

Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Rabbit were there !

The Three Caballeros !

So so many ! Hunchback, Esmerelda, Brer Rabbit, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Jafar, Captain Hook, you name it !

Kiss a Monkey for a Doubloon ?

Jiminy Cricket Eluded my camera all nite ! He was too quick !

Peter Pan, Lilo and Stitch, Queen Of Hearts, Old Hag, Snow White, Cinderella, Beast ! So So So So many !!

Well during all the games we had a bit of desert and coffee to try and warm up. Then time to get second round RSP picks and try and trade in those few Doubloons !

Well it's not a pin event until you have a line ! Hmm what to do ? The crowing of the King and Queen was in 10 minutes and the line was so so long ! Well Disney reacted by telling all the guest they could see the show and RSP and doubloon redemption would stay open ALL NITE to take care of everyone !

Ok cool ! No need to stand in line or miss anything !
Time to see who would be filling these seats at the Festival of The Lion King Theatre !

It's SHOWTIME ! The music began and we all were anxious to see what was going to happen !

We were welcomed to the Parti Gras and the Royal Guests were announced !

ALL the Princesses arrived with their Princes !

I was stuck on the side so I could not get all of them..but...

Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella were all in attendance !

And of course the King and Queen of Parti Gras ! Mickey and Minnie all decked out !

Cinderella was called upon to do the honors and pick the new King and Queen !

Aida (Ida) was the Queen and Tom the King !
You can see Aida here......

Everything was going great until...........


She had brought along the villains to Take Over the Parti Gras ! She had not received an invitation ! Well she was informed the reason for that was NOT EVENT SERVICES FAULT...she simply was NOT INVITED !

However since KNOWLEDGE IS POWER she was put to the test..... which pin is most popular....Wet Paint, Donald in an Airplane or Grumpy Dwarf. Ha.......oops......she got it RIGHT ! WET PAINT !

Ok ok second question......when is the next pin event ?
Well this one stumped her and the villains were dispatched and we could get on with the crowning of the new King and Queen !

So all was well and Mickey and Minnie left the King and Queen with tier Crown (and gift)

Lets get a closer look at those Crowns ! NICE PINS THERE HUH ?

Way to Go Queen Aida ! She also received the 3 pin set from Last years event. You remember the Mickey, Donald and Goofy that was sort of Indiana Jones Themed ?

Again some nice looking Crowns !!

And Our King Tom and Queen Aida !

The event was very nice. The only complaint I could give would be the food.....oh and the cold but that isn't really Disney's fault !