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Annual Passholder Event

May 18, 2002

Well, with Ralph playing on the cruise, his sister Aimee, takes us to the Annual Passholder Event, held at Disney's Animal Kingdom!!

Well, we arrived there at about 5:50 pm in hopes to get in line to get into the event early. We didn't really know what to expect, since not a lot of detail was listed. We got there to see a banner welcoming Passholders.

The line was not too bad when we got there, and to our surprise they were letting us in before 6:30 pm with an orange wrist band (so when they did the final sweep of the park they would not ask us to leave).
So since we had not had the opportunity to get onto the Primeval Whirl we went there first, since nothing else had been open or started yet. It was only about a 20 minute wait (even though it was a posted 45 minute wait). Which we were glad that we did since the wait went up to 70 minutes the rest of the night. People were waiting for the games to open to start playing to get tickets.

When we got off of the ride, we were planning on going to play some of the free games to get the tickets to be entered into the raffle. Well that was the plan until we got off of the ride and saw the games area.........

WELL that gave us a change of plans...............

We walked around to see some of the other entertainment and see what else there was to see....

Well some of you may remember Miss Dinorama from the Pin Event and she was being "interviewed" by a "camera" crew......

boy he looks familiar doesn't he?!
Maybe if we move that camera of his.......

You may recognized the brother of someone we all know that works at
Main Street in the Magic Kingdom!!

As you can see he likes having as much fun with all the guests in the park as his brother does........(notice the guest he selected for his picture - a pin trader!!!)

Of course our hosts were there as always - Chester and Hester!!

Well from there it was off to the passholder lounge to see what was instore for us there and to see the preview of the next passholder pin.

It is definitely not as big as the Epcot one, but it does have some games and a TV in there for people to use.

They had the new pin on display for all to see (many wanting to buy).....
It looks really cute.

On the way out you were given a "Commemorative Lithograph" with a Certificate of Authenticity. Since there was such a turnout to the event they gave two different programs. The yellow received the lithograph tonight and those with the blue ones were going to have one mailed to them at home. As you can see a cute picture.....

Well all in all it was an ok event. I know that Disney did not plan for this many people to turn out for the event (30-45 minute wait for the ice cream/soda), but I think that they did do an excellent job overall and hope that they will continue to do the events for passholders to enjoy.

Last but not least on the lanyard pins at the event..............you had to be quick. Between the 5 of us we ended up getting 3 different ones that we needed. Unfortunately you could see where SOME of the traders had hit because there were many of the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs on the CM lanyards. No new or surprise pins to be reported.


A very BIG Thank you to Aimee, for taking us to the
Annual Passholder's Event!!

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