Dizpins Pin Trading Meet July 2001

All Star Resort

Hello Again Everyone!!!

In keeping with the monthly tradition, Dizpins once again had a pin meet and dinner prior to the WDW Resort Pin Event. The meet returned to our favorite resort, All Star Movies. We had lots and lots of pin traders stop by for some dinner, pin trading, and all around pin fun. We had local guests and guests from all over the country who were down for the big event at the Contemporary Resort. Also keeping with tradition here are some great pictures from the event.

Here I am sitting with all of my friends. We were all dressed up for the upcoming July 4th holiday.

This is a great picture of the group. We took up a large portion of the dinning area. Notice we set up close to the food court. After a long day, we all needed some food to recharge for some more pin trading.

As you can tell, we even took up the booths in the eating area. You can see familiar faces and new faces that joined our pin trading fun tonight.

Look what I found, my buddy Larry sitting next to Amy.
That's my new friend Julian, who drove all the way down from NY.

Here is Julian and Larry discussing how they were going to pose for the previous picture, or maybe they are talking about moderator duties on the Dizpins discussion boards.

Here are some more pin trading friends. That's Brian and his mom, they took care of me on the Dizpins Cruise.

At the end of the meet, everbody was so excited about the event at the Contemporary the next day. So we all picked up our pins and went to get in line. Boy were we surprised when we arrived. There were so many people just as excited as us.

It was a great pin meet and a great event at the Contemporary. Everyone is really looking forward to the big event in August.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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