Dinner and Pin Trading with
Theodore P. Trader
Columbia Harbour House
March 23, 2001

Hi All!!!  

Here I am and LOOK.... my personal Milliner
created me a NEW hat just for the March 23, 2001
Dinner and Pin Meet at the Columbia Harbour House
at Liberty Square!!

I will fit right in with all of the "magic" in
Liberty Square...
Yankee Doodle Theodore!!

I was so happy to meet the 70 of you and I
had such fun!!!  This sure was a fun few days for me...
First...meeting so many of you at the DTD Pin
Celebration Countdown and then at our Dinner.

The DTD Pin Celebration was GREAT!!!  I saw so many people,
big and small, but everyone I met was a "kid at heart".  I had
my picture taken with many of you and I got
so many hugs that I thought my stuffing was going to burst!!

And all of the pins!!!!  Wow...this was a
Pin Trading Bear's dream!!!

Then the next night, we had our dinner and pin meet.
And I got to meet more of you and I saw many of
my friends, you know...the ones
"stuffed with love"...and even
Elliott was there!!

Here is me and all of my "bear"y nice friends!!
While everyone was busy eating and pin trading, we did
some pin trading of our own!!  So...Moms and Dads...
you better check our lanyards...you never know what
we may have traded for!!

This was almost as fun as pin trading with Mickey Mouse!!!

Here is EVERYBODY....  all of the nice "people" I met and
all of the soft and cuddly ones too!!

Pin Trading is for Everyone!!

Cheyanne and some 
of her friends!
Tori and Cheyanne...
or is that Minnie!!!!
Larry, Cheyanne and 
their Friends!,
including Joe P. Central!


Thank you to everyone that came and made this a
magical evening for all of us!!

And speaking of magical....

We all were a part of a True Magical Moment
when one of our guests was awarded the special
Continuing the Traditions Pin
in the manner it is to be presented!!

Congratulations to Linda...for
promoting and continuing the tradition of
pin trading for all of us!!

And...A BIG THANK YOU to Matt and everyone at the Columbia Harbour House
for helping to make our dinner so memorable...and
of course...magical!!

And thanks to our mystery photographer!!!


Theodore P. Trader

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