Disneyland Resort Pin Trading Night

January 10, 2003

Many many friends met at the Plaza Pavilion at the Disneyland Resort on Friday January 10, 2003 for a night of fun...friends...and pins!!!!

Thanks to Roger for organizing this great pin meet....and here are pictures Roger sent of this great gathering!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended the second DLR pin trading night at the Disneyland Plaza Pavilion. An estimated 70-80 people came to trade pins and visit with their fellow pin traders. There were a lot of familiar faces and also a good number of new faces, both, which were very nice to see. Around 50 people participated in the pin game, and everyone who played received a prize. The accommodations at the Plaza Pavilion were great! Plenty of tables and chairs for all the traders. Kind of missed having a good selection of food near by, and being outdoors wasn't quite as nice as last time, but overall it was still a successful evening.

I also want to thank EVERYONE who donated prizes for the pin meet. It is really great to know that we have pin traders who want to contribute to the enjoyment of everyone, and that they are not just thinking about how to enhance their own collection. I have around 30 prizes left over and will be using them for the NEXT pin meet.

Thanks to everyone's participation and support, these past two pin DLR pin meets have been great! I think it shows that when people know when and where they can find other pin traders at DLR, they are willing to come out and trade. I hope these meets and the upcoming official DLR pin meets continue to be popular and that they will attract pin traders from all over the world to come to DLR and pin trade!

See you all at the next meet!


Thanks Roger!!

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