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Sail Away with Theodore P. Trader.....
Dizpins Cruise
May 3-6, 2001

Hi Everyone!!! Theodore P. Trader
here and as you might have read, I went on the
DIZPINS Cruise on the Disney Wonder!!
I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I arrived at the ship's dock early with Brian and his Mom.
It was so nice of Brian and his Mom to invite
me to go with them on the Dizpins Cruise.

Brian and I were both very excited about going on
the cruise.....especially when there would be PINS!!

Brian and his Mom checked in but I was asked to sit
in a chair and wait all by myself.


I guess someone at DCL read Dizpins and thought that I was
a stow away. I was a good little bear like Larry has taught me to be, as I looked around I saw my buddy Mickey who came over and gave me a BIG hug and
this made me feel very safe. 

Mickey had to leave and went over and talked to some people and
then Brian came and got me and we were off to board the ship.
I wanted to thank Mickey for helping me out but
he was gone... I guess I will see him later.


As we started to walk onto the ship, a very cute little girl named Megan and her
Mom wanted to say "Hi" and stop for a quick picture.

As we got on the ship, Brian and I both decided it was time
to eat since we both had hungry tummy's, so we went to have a snack.
I couldn't believe how many people knew who I
was and they all wanted to have a picture taken with me.

Finally Brian and I were able to do what I like most next to filling my
tummy..... PIN TRADE!!!  We bought some pins and there was
a special one we got.....

with Mickey Poolside and then we traded some pins.

I asked Brian after we were done if I could take a nap
because I was a little sleepy.

After a short snooze, Brian had to wake me up to tell
me that it was dinner time.  Well a little sleepy or not, when it's time for food
I am wide awake!!

So we went to Parrot Cay and we all had dinner.


Here...I met another new friend,

Boy...did I eat good!!!

After dinner, we went to the Mickey Mania game
show where, with my help, Brain won!!

Can you believe this is only the
first day!

Love, Theodore...

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