Dizpins Pin Trading Meet May 2001

Dixie Landings Resort

Hi Everyone!!

Dizpins Pin Trading fans once again got together for some pin trading before the Pin Event at MGM.
The pin meet was held at the wonderful Dixie Landings Resort, yes I
know the name changed but it will always be Dixie Landings to me.
It was a great get together where lots of pins were traded and we even got to see some new cast member pins. Here are some sights and sounds from the pin meet.

One of the first guests to arrive was Theodore P. Trader.
While he was waiting for others to arrive Theodore met
a new friend who just started pin trading.
His name was also Theodore.
As you can see he is off to a good start with a lanyard and pin.

Well the guests arrived and pin trading began immediately.
Throughout the meet everyone was trading pins, having some dinner,
and talking about what time they were going to get up in the morning for the
MGM Pin Event the next day.

Hey, there is Larry. He is obviously intensely involved in a pin trade.
He takes his pin trading very seriously.

Here is Pam and Brian enjoying some of the food.
I heard people talking and this may have been their
first meal following the Dizpins Cruise.

How is this for a pin collection? This is a great way to put up your collection
or even use it for displaying your tradeable pins.

More Dizpins pin collectors. They didn't know this, but there was a Supertrader
in disguise sitting at the table.
Can anyone guess who it is?

There was minor crisis during the meet. Nobody could find Theodore.
So Larry immediately leaped into action to drum a search party to look for him.
Theodore was found moments later taking a ride on the Dixie Landings water wheel.
Sometimes bears just want to have fun.

Once Theo was found Linda went right back to pin trading.
You can see she was happy that he didn't get hurt.
(If you look real close you can see that Linda is wearing the
HTF Animal Kingdom Lodge Lanyard and Pins)

At the end of the evening when all of the pins were traded,
everyone gathered around for some pin chat.

It was a great pin meet and everyone is looking forward to the next one in June.
Location is to be determined.
Hope to see you there!!!!

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