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September 13, 2003
Frankfort, IL

The Dizpins Midwest Pin Trader Round-Up Participants

We woke up to a real nasty forecast. According to the weather reports, the temperature was supposed to be real nice, however, there was a 70% chance of rain! We got lucky! The rain stayed away, and the weather remained beautiful. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The sun even decided to peek out on occasion.

What a team! As you entered The Herder Plantation, as I like to affectionately call it, we had 2 tables set up. The first table was for DizKidz registration, and the other was for Dizpins.

Vicky (left) helps register Riana for DizKidz

It was a good system. From the DizKidz table, they moved right down to the Dizpins table. From there, they were given a pin made exclusively for this event:

This was also your first chance at entering a Dizpins Contest. What contest? Well, the "Guess how many pin backs are in this glass" contest. Here it is! What would you guess?

Ted (left), Frank, and Vicky pose with the Hurricane
glass used for the guess how many pin backs contest

So, how many did you guess? If you guessed 444, you're right! Should've been there, huh?! :) Connie's guess was closest, and she won a Cast Member California Adventure Grand Opening Boxed Pin Set. We also let her keep the glass and all the pin backs. ;)

The Dizpins table was also the place to participate in the Dizpins Chinese Auction. "The what?" you ask. The Dizpins Chinese Auction was introduced back on the May 2002 Pin Trading Cruise. It was a hit there, and I'm happy to say that it's success continued on land at the event! Here's the board:

The rules for the auction were quite simple:

Basically, you were donating pins in exchange for tickets. The better the pin you donated, the more tickets that you received. You then took those tickets and placed them in the bags that corresponded to the number of the pin auction you wanted to win. You could place all of your tickets into one bag, or you could spread them out across all of them. The choice was entirely yours! So, what were we auctioning off? We had:

Auction #1 - Disneyland Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits 4-Pin Set - LE 2000
Auction #2 - Disney Auctions Mickey Clock Pin - LE 100
Auction #3 - Disney Cruise Line Artist Choice Donald w/Spinning Bow Tie - LE 750
Auction #4 - Disney Auctions Pin from previous eBay convention - LE 2500
Auction #5 - Walt Disney World Finding Nemo Opening Day 4-Pin Set - LE 3000
Auction #6 - Walt Disney World Mickey At The Beach Surprise Pin - LE 1000
Auction #7 - Tinker Bell Pin Set (LE 1953 Lefcort Tink, DL Open Stock Robison Tink, and DL Open Stock TV Tink)
Auction #8 - Spectacle of Pins Holiday Card With Pin - LE 500

There was no stopping Gene! He knew exactly what he was going for!

Stephanie and I had a little helper, too! This is Madi Herder, Chris and Kim's daughter. I'm near positive that she cleaned me near out of pins, and I think that I may have given her a few auction tickets too. It was a vulnerable time. Could you say no to that smile?

The most common question regarding the Chinese Auction was "Where do the pins I give you go?" The quick answer: "Back to Dizpins!" All of the pins that you see above were donated to Dizpins by the members or moderators. The pins that we received from participants in the auction, will go into the Dizpins Prize Pot. These pins are used for Dizpins Events, Board Contests, and Giveaways! It's important to always give a pin that you'd be willing to receive as a prize. Because, who knows, you just may see it up on a Chinese Auction Board someday! :)

With a little time to kill before we started playing games, and until the DizKidz camp began, we had set up pavilions and tables with chairs for people to trade!

From Left: Margi (rottenrubysmom), Dee (crazyred), Jack (Goofy Gramps), and Audrey (dopeymom)

From Bottom Left Going Clockwise: Anne (hoellicham), Dawn (dawgee), Ted (GhostHost76), Robyn, Frank, Margi, and Chris (holidaypins)

From Left Going Clockwise: Gene (Plutonium 238), Margi, Jack, Audrey, Dee, and Judy

Margi and Grant (grantspins)

At about 1:30 P.M., Margi started the DizKidz camp. If you've never seen one of these, and you have the opportunity to do so, do it! This is absolutely amazing! This was my first time seeing a DizKidz camp in action, and I was IMPRESSED! From pin trading etiquette to remembering to ask mom and dad for help to safety in the parks, Margi went over it all! Think of the DizKidz camp as a Kid's Exclusive version of Scoop's Pin Talk!

From there, the "kidz" were given maps. They were instructed to bring 9 pins that they were fine with trading away. The parents were instructed to help their kidz accomplish this, and "Mrs. D." even helped out if any of the kidz couldn't come up with 9 pins. All kidz participated. This map spelled out, "TRADE PINS". And, next to each, individual letter was a clue, such as "Three Character", "Interesting", and "Numbers". It was up to the kidz to go trade the 9 pins that they brought for the pins that matched the clues on the map. With that in mind, Margi sent them into the event to trade! With whom, you ask? Well, we had our very own DizKidz Cast Members! 5 of us volunteered to be DizKidz members. The kidz could only trade with us, and we had to follow the same rules as the actual Cast Members do.

Dan the Poolman (poolman802) dons the DizKidz Cast Member Lanyard, and is ready to trade!

Stephanie (Dizpins Stephanie) makes a trade with Madi to help her complete her map!

Riana spots a Cast Lanyard Pin! Wait a second! She gave me something decent for it! Maybe there are things we can learn from the kidz!

Robyn helps Abby and Elizabeth put their pins on their map!

About 10 minutes into trading, Margi announced the opening of the DizKidz Trade Board. At registration, the kidz were given 2 tickets with numbers on them. Margi drew tickets at random to allow the kidz to trade off the board. They were allowed 2 trades.

With the camp coming to a close, all the maps were judged (everyone passed), and a Certificate of Completion along with a pin was awarded to each DizKid!

Proud of their achievements, Abby and Elizabeth go and show their Uncle Chris their new pin maps!

Celebrating birthdays at the event were Margi, Kate, and Dan the Poolman! Poor Chris brought the cake to the table, and decided that it would be fun to smear a little icing on Margi's nose. However, he had no idea what he was in for!

The next game, in the lineup, was Jeopardy. Or, in this case, PINPARDY!

Hosted by Dawn, this game was Disney Trivia at it's finest! Upon arrival, Dawn handed everyone a qualifier questionnaire. It was a "what year did this take place?" questionnaire, and you had to match the year from one column to the event in the other. She used the scores from this qualifier to create competitive rounds.

Proving her trivia prowess, Anne from Chicago won the Pinpardy game! She won a Disney Catalog 50th Anniversary Peter Pan Framed Pin Set!

What event would be complete without rides?! You need rides, right?! The Dizpins Midwest Pin Trader Round-Up came complete with it's own hayride! As Chris fires up the tractor, and I provide the necessary moral support, we're ready to go!

We're not entirely sure where Chris brought the kids after he turned the corner, but they returned safely, so no questions were asked. We could hear shrills of laughter from off in the distance as Chris would speed up. The kids had a great time! In the meantime, everyone continued to mingle and trade pins!

Anne and Margi -- I think that Anne is counting number of trivia questions she got wrong. Yep! It couldn't have been more than 2!

From Left: Dee, Alex, Adam, and Dan the Poolman

Back from the hayride, time for Chris to relax! :)

From Left: Gene, Jack, and Judy

From Left: Jeff, Judy, Jack, and Alex

From Left: Dee, Cathi (ckupres), Tom (tomaphillips), and Grant

We still have some prizes to give away! Stephanie, doing her best Monty Hall impression, has a blast with Grant, Jess, Kim, Emma, and Kate, playing Let's Make A Deal!

With the sun going down, and the event coming to a close, we still need to announce the winners of the Dizpins Chinese Auction!

The winners are:

Auction #1 - Disneyland Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits 4-Pin Set - LE 2000 - Dan the Poolman (poolman802)
Auction #2 - Disney Auctions Mickey Clock Pin - LE 100 - Jeff
Auction #3 - Disney Cruise Line Artist Choice Donald w/Spinning Bow Tie - LE 750 - Anne (hoellicham)
Auction #4 - Disney Auctions Pin from previous eBay convention - LE 2500 - Grant (grantspins)
Auction #5 - Walt Disney World Finding Nemo Opening Day 4-Pin Set - LE 3000 - Abby
Auction #6 - Walt Disney World Mickey At The Beach Surprise Pin - LE 1000 - Dee (crazyred)
Auction #7 - Tinker Bell Pin Set (LE 1953 Lefcort Tink, DL Open Stock Robison Tink, and DL Open Stock TV Tink) - Leslie (bellenbeast)
Auction #8 - Spectacle of Pins Holiday Card With Pin - LE 500 - Anne (hoellicham)

Well, with the horses fed.....

.....there isn't much left to do, but to call it a night! The meet was a huge success, and everyone had a blast! Dizpins owes a great deal of thanks to a lot of people who helped make this meet possible:

Dawn and Chris really poured their heart and soul into this event. For their troubles, Stephanie and I were proud to award them with a CTT pin. A very special thanks to Dan the Poolman (poolman802) for helping Stephanie and I obtain the 2nd CTT! ;)

There is one other very important thing to notice about the above picture. That is Grant in the background. Although I can't be positive, I'm almost certain that the dancing he did around the fire was the true reason for us not getting a drop of rain that day! Thanks, Grant! :)

Chris and Kim, you both were wonderful! You opened up your house and your property to us. The time, effort, and money that you poured into this meet truly made it the magical event that it was!

Dawn and Audrey, thank you for hosting Pinpardy, and taking all the time involved to set the game up and research the TONS of questions that it took to make the game possible.

Margi and Frank, thank you for helping coordinate the event and for bringing DizKidz! I know that it made the event very magical for all the kidz that were there.

Robyn and Vicky, thank you for all the running around you did, and for helping Margi with DizKidz.

Thank you to Dawn, Anne, Margi, Chris, Dan, and anyone else I may be forgetting (sorry) for donating pins to the Dizpins Prize Pot! We definitely appreciate it!

Finally, Dizpins owes a very special thank you to Bob McKeon over at PinPros.com. Through a generous contribution, we were able to provide everyone with an event pin made exclusively for this event. Thank you, Bob, for doing your part in making this event magical!

That about does it for me. Time to kick off the boots and put the feet up. It was a great event. Despite all the hard work that went into doing it, we're all ready to do it again! So, we'll hope to see 'ya real soon! :)


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