News For August 2002

August 18, 2002 ~ August 24, 2002

Saturday August 24, 2002

......even more from the Disneyana Convention

......and new Disney Catalog Christmas Pins!!!

Here are some pictures of the Disney Catalog Advent Calendar Christmas Tree. The tree is a
four-sided tree with holes for 26 pins including two at the top of the tree. While you could put
any 26 pins on the tree that you want, Disney has 26 new pins to buy for you to put on the tree. There are 26 pins to countdown to Christmas. The pins come on cards with 4 pins each except for the 25th and 26th day of Christmas which is only 2 pins. The tree has the numbers 1-26 on it and each day you "hang" a new pin on the tree as you countdown to Christmas.
The pins provided are beautiful and all are based on original artwork from the Disney Archives.

Most of the pins are artwork from the Christmas cards that were sent out by Walt Disney
Enterprises each holiday season. The colors and art are perfectly represented. Check out the
Disneyland Castle for pin #20 is right from the Christmas card that Walt sent out. The tree is
expected to retail for about $18 and you could hang different pins each year.

Here's a peek at some pins for the Disney Auctions on Ebay coming up in September.

Below are pictures of Tink pins. The one on the bottom has "moving" wings, and each comes in an edition of only 100.


The picture shows the "Back to School" series of pins for Disney Ebay Auctions in September. Each is an edition of 100.
Dizpins would like to sincerely thank Daniel for all of this news and the scans. He reminds us that these are 'Sneak Peeks" of pins and pin set that may or may not be released in the future and as always, are subject to change.

Friday August 23, 2002

......more from the Disneyana Convention

The entire book series from the Disney Store was on display as well as lanyards with changeable character faces. The Disney Store was also giving away lanyards with a large "Mickey trading" medallion at the bottom.

There was a very interesting Christmas tree of pins at the Disney Store booth. It looked like you buy the tree and "hang" your pins on it. It is actually an Advent Calendar shaped into a Christmas tree. As you count down to Christmas, you put a pin on the tree (you could actually put on any pin you want, but there is a set of 26 designed for the tree. The tree should retail for about $18 without pins. The pins were about $22 for each set of 4.

Plus, the entire next series of pins from the Store was displayed, too!!

Did someone say "series"???? Yes!!!

Click Here

to see the 2002 Disney Store Magical Musical Moments Pin Series!!

Sneak Peek at WDW 999 Happy Haunts Ball Pins

Here is a picture showing the logo pin for the 999 Happy Haunts Ball at WDW. It looks like the Haunted Mansion sign (logo) on a special backer card that says "Limited Edition" at the bottom of the card. The framed pin set shows Goofy being scared in the mansion in front of the 13 hour clock. The pins are in the four corners showing a bat, a candelabra, the clock, and Goofy. The 3rd pin in the picture is Dopey as an Artists Choice pin. I don't know for sure the event it is associated with, but it also looks like the lantern will "dangle" from the pick ax.

These are artist sketches.

At the Disneyana Mystery Event, if you purchased the Marie Osmond Adora Beau doll and you waited to have Marie Osmond personally sign the doll, Marie gave you a beautiful and very limited pin. The pin shows both Adora Bell and Adora Beau with Mickey Mouse. The back of the pin says: Official Disneyana Mystery 2002 - CONFIDENTIAL - Limited Edition of 300. The pins were not packaged with the doll. It was handed to you as the doll was signed.
The Search for Imagination Sneak Peeks!!
Another framed pin set for the September Pin Celebration featuring multiple Figments playing various musical instruments. The frame contains 6 different Figment Pins on a colored background. The edition is expected to be 50 but it might be as low as 25. This pin set it will be available by lottery for the September pin event.
A pin set that features 4 pins from the "Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom" cartoon. The frame contains the 4 cavemen as large pins. Again, the edition is expected to be 50 but other information suggested 25.
6 pairs of pins for the September pin event. The pairs show a character and their "alter egos" (i.e. Malificent and the Dragon). These might be rack pins since they are supposed to be part of one day's map hunt.
Artist sketch of the Halloween pin to be released at WDW. The pin is a slider with the witch and Donald's nephews riding the broom which slides on the pin.
Artist sketch of the pin to be released as the Veterans' Day pin for Disneyland.
......and new Disney Catalog Pins!!!
Click Here

for a sneak peek at upcoming Disney Catalog Pins!!
Dizpins would like to sincerely thank Daniel for all of this news and the scans. He reminds us that these are 'Sneak Peeks" of pins and pin set that may or may not be released in the future and as always, are subject to change.

WDW CM Eyes and Ears # 8
LE 3000 ~ Retail $6.50

CM Nurse Minnie
This Nurse Minnie is a LE 600 pin Magic Kingdom Cast Exclusive pin and the idea for the Blood Drive Pin was developed by a Cast Member at the Magic Kingdom!!!

The back of the pin is stamped with the pin logo ears with 2002 and:

Central Florida
Blood Bank Inc.
1st in a series of 5.

Drawn to be Bad
This limited edition pin is from the Disney Institute 5th Anniversary Animation Event and is a LE of 500. It features the Evil Queen holding a box intended for Snow White's heart and the dates of the event, August 18-23, 2002. On the back is noted the edition size of 500.

Thanks David!!

Thursday August 22, 2002

...from the Disneyana Convention!!!

Sneak Peek and Artist Sketches for the September Pin Celebration Hosted by Epcot
A framed pin set with pencil sketch art behind it. No information is available on any of the edition sizes or prices as of yet. This top one shows the major characters, and the wording underneath is the logo for the Pin Celebration in September Hosted by Epcot.

This is actually ONE large pin framed in the set.
Villains Framed Set

This is actually ONE large pin framed in the set.

Disney "Girls" Framed Set

This is actually ONE large pin framed in the set.

Some LE Pins
These pins are artist sketches from the Cruise pin event in November. The pins are themed to Peter Pan. Many have moving parts like a spinner with the Tink shadow behind the ship and the Pirates move behind the mast where the children are tied up. The Tinker Bell "dangles" inside the lantern.
All of these images of pins are not confirmed as of yet and are
subject to change without notice.

Disneyana Convention Give-Away Pins

These pins are being given as gifts for those attending the Disneyana Mystery at EPCOT. These are from the Disney Co. Showcase where different parts of the Disney Co. show off upcoming merchandise.
The Disney Auction pin is large and presented on a paper card.
It is an edition of 2500.
Walt Disney Records gave out the Monster's Inc. DVD Read-Along pin announcing the launch in August 2002.
The Disney Store "American Mickey" is mounted on a paper card and came in an edition size of 2002.
The Treasure Planet pin is from Walt Disney Pictures. It is stamped on the back "Disneyana 2002". It is similar to the Lilo & Stitch pin they gave last year.
Disney on Ice gave out the Disney on Ice pin and there is no edition info on the back.
The Mr. Toad pin is from the Walt Disney Classics booth. On the back it is stamped Walt Disney Classics - 2002 Disneyana Exclusive - Limited Edition 2000.

Many thanks to Daniel!!

New Imagineering Pin!!
This pin was released yesterday!! It is a 3 layer pin with Sorcerer Mickey on it. The center layer (white with gold stars) spins around.

Many thanks to Mike and Paige for the scan and info!!

We did it!!!

All of the state pins, except New Hampshire, have been added to the Disneyland Resort State Pin Series Page!! Also, we now have all of the names for each of the characters that appear on the State Pins, thanks to many of our Dizpins Friends!!

Click on Donald to see all of the Pins!!

Many thanks to Adrienne and Vicki for the scans!!

Sneak Peek at Upcoming September Releases at the DLRP
TOY STORY pins to be released on or around September 7, 2002

DATED PINS to be released on or around September 14, 2002

FALL SEASON Dangle Pin to be released on or around September 21, 2002

Dates are not confirmed and subject to change!!

Wednesday August 21, 2002

Haunted Mansion Holiday Event Calendar
Oct-Dec 2002
October 2002
10/02/02 Haunted Mansion Exclusive Dinner
10/03/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Enchanted Evening
10/06/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
10/13/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
10/19/02 Oogie Boogie's Ghost Walk
10/20/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
10/26/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Product Release with Libby Treat
10/27/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
10/31/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Fantasyland Costume Screening
November 2002
11/03/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
11/10/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
11/17/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
11/24/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release

12 Days of Christmas Event

December 2002
12/01/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
12/07/02 Marie Osmond Doll Signing Haunted Mansion Holiday
12/08/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
12/15/12 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
12/22/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release
12/14/02 #2 Olszewski Product Release

Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin Release

Be sure to check out the Disney Gallery above the Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square.

From October 4 - January 5, 2003, The Disney Gallery will host an exhibit filled with 999 Happy Haunts with original concept Art from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" feature film, as well as props from the attraction and film.

* All events subject to change.

We have a page that you can print out to keep by your calendar so you don't miss a pin release date!!

Click Here

for the print-out page!!

Pin Release Delays
The Matterhorn Attraction, Alice Attraction, and the Mad Tea Party Attraction pin releases have been delayed..... We will let you know when Disneyland has set a new release date. The Max with Kite Pin will still be released this Friday.

Here we go again!!!!

First we had the Disney Store 100 Years of Dreams State Pins...then we had the Disney Store 12 Months of Magic State Pins.....now
we have the Disney Park State Pins!!!

These pins are being released at the Disneyland Resort and will soon be making their debut at Disney's Pin Traders in Florida!! These pins are open stock and retail for $8.50 each.

The pins are back stamped with the State's flower!!

Click on Chip and Dale from Ohio to see what has been released thusfar and the Characters that will be representing each state!!

We will continue to add to this DizPINventory page as the pins are released and we receive scans!!

Upcoming Pin Releases in Japan
September 28th releases of History of Art titles (approximate)

1. Aladdin (Abu & Magic Carpet) Dangle
2. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) Hinged
3. Pedro
4. Goofy & Max
5. Fantasia (Sorcerer)
6. Chip & Dale
7. Donald
8. Mickey
9. Little Red Riding Hood
10. Toy Story 2
On October 5th, Mickey & Pals will be releasing a special Monsters Inc. series. There will be 4 pins, all LE1500. Exact designs are unknown, but there will be a Mike, Sulley, Boo and Mike & Sulley pin.

Subject to change without notice.

To Be Released at WDW
Tomorrow Thursday August 22, 2002

In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Main Street Gallery, a limited edition 1500 pin on pin with Mickey Mouse will be released on Thursday August 22, 2002. . The pin will retail for $10.50 and will be available exclusively at the Main Street Gallery at the Magic Kingdom!

Subject to change.

Cast Excellence Pin Clarification
The Cast Excellence pin that we featured last evening was only given to cast Members in a certain area of Walt Disney World, and NOT to every CM who participated in the Cast Survey!!

Tuesday August 20, 2002

'Rubber Cement' Mickey Surprise Pin Released!
Surprise "rubber cement" Mickey was released today at L. A. Prop Cinema Storage at MGM. It is a Limited Edition of 1000 and retails for $12.50

Each year Disney, like many companies, surveys it's employees about various facets of its operation. Some Cast Members in certain departments that participated in this program and answered various questions, received this pin upon completion of the survey.

Thanks to Donna for sending in this picture!

Retro Disneyland Build-a-Pin Base

A new Disneyland Build-A-Pin base has arrived! It has the retro feel of the old Disneyland Sign!

The #1 shows where you can add the add-on pin when you "build" your personal pin!

Thanks to Adrienne for the picture and info!


To celebrate its 10th birthday, Euro Disney has organized a special auction in support of the La Voix de l'Enfant organization, on Saturday November 30th.

Unique elements that make up the history of Euro Disney will be put up for auction:

Models, décors and original drawings
Costumes that were created and worn in our parades and our shows
Collection elements for all the «Disney fans»
Crazy cars, such as Mickey's own golf cart

This sale will be supported by some of the most important names in the fashion world, who have prepared drawings and creations for a 10-year old princess:

Exclusive drawings by Loris Azzaro, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Lanvin, Christian Louboutin, Thierry Mugler, Montana, Sonia Rykiel, Scherrer, Sybilla

And the creation of:

The Princess dress by Thierry Mugler
The Prince outfit by Sybilla
The pair of Princess shoes by Christian Louboutin
A jewel by Baccarat

This auction will be directed by Philippe Augier, the Chairman of Deauville Auction, a company of voluntary auction sales.

Ever since the company was created, Euro Disney's community relations department through its volunteer work has been dedicated to help suffering children. Over the last ten years, 60,000 sick or underprivileged children have been hosted at the Resort, over 20 major causes have been supported, and our Club Bénévole with over 800 members has dedicated more than 50 000 hours to needy children.

La Voix de l'Enfant, whose spokesperson is French actress Carole Bouquet, is a federation grouping together 50 charitable associations. Their sole concern is the well-being of children, reached through "Listening to and protecting suffering children in France and around the World".

For more information please visit www.eurodisney.com

The History of Art for August


Pooh & Tigger (3D)
Notre Dame - stained glass
Jungle Book (Mowgli & Baloo) - stained glass
The Cold Blooded Penguin 1945
Lady & The Tramp (Tramp + Si & Am) - glitter
Little Hiawattha 1937
The Beach Party 1931 (Clarabelle)
Lonesome Ghosts 1947 (Mickey) - hinged
The Haunted House 1929 (Mickey)

Thanks to Janelle and Mar-c for the info and scans!

Monday August 19, 2002

More Guests that have Conquered the World!!
Here is the completor pin on the left, and with a Mickey Add On in the image to the right.
Special card back for the Conquer the World Pin Series.

Thanks to Marlene and Bob!!

From Snip's Mail Bag
Dear Snip,

I am not quite sure if I missed your message or you may not have had time to write but, I was wondering how long in advance you know about pin events at WDW. We are planning a vacation there in April and was wondering if one was in sight? We knew that last year there was a Princess Pin Event in Feb. and we were able to attend the Star Spangled Pin Event in June. Can you help me plan my vacation?



Well April huh ? Hmm seems to me .....now don't spread this around. But "sometime" that month there is going to be a few Easter Pins released. Oh and on April 1st they are releasing a Mystery Pin! The design is of Woody Woodpecker and Deputy Dog. Or was that the "other" park? Hmm I am a bit mixed up today but you can COUNT on Holiday pins from Disney that's for sure!

Generally, WDW announces pin event registration a few months in advance, but if it was like this year, they announced the entire year of pin events around the first of the year, so we can only hope that they do the same again for 2003, so we can ALL plan our vacations.

Speaking of pin events.....and making vacation plans...you might want to plan a vacation for December of this year for the Dizpins Family Reunion ...from what I have been told, it will be a spectacle to remember!!!

Happy Trading!


E-mail Snip with your questions!!!

Sunday August 18, 2002

Here are some Build-A-Pin Bases from the
Disneyland Resort
The numbers on the base pin correspond to the number of add-on pins that can be placed, and they are not part of the pin.

Thanks Adrienne!!

We heard that everyone had fun today "Conquering the World"!! The lines were short and everyone had their world conquered in less than 5 hours!!!

The open edition pins that were released come on a special card back reflecting the theme of Conquering the World, and each pin is backstamped with:

I Conquered the World Pin Series
[park name where pin was released]

Latest pins from Disney License Association
Filmography Collection

These pins are sold at Disney retail shops and retail for 380 ¥ each
Produced by RunA
The Fire Fighters
Building a Building
Two-Gun Mickey

Thanks Tsukasa!!

Don't forget to send your Show and Tell Build-A-Pins to Dizpins with a story as to why you built that pin!!!
What is a Family without a Family Album!!!!

Jeff from Pinclubs has set up a Dizpins Family Album. Here is the link:

Dizpins Family Album

....and what a great time this is to start this Family Album with the September Pin Celebration right around the corner!! With the Dizpins Family Album, we will be able to spot our family without any difficulties...

We would like pictures of everyone (with captions and user names), as it is so much nicer when you can put a name to a face. You can show off you pin collection, wear your lanyards or just send in a really nice family photo.

So...let's get this Dizpins Family Album started!!! Send your pictures to family_album@dizpins.com

And thanks to Jeff for putting together this family album!!

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