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News For October 2001

October 1, 2001 ~ October 6, 2001

Saturday October 6, 2001

LE 1500
Retail $10.50
Released at the Contemporary today


LE 3500 Sorcerer's Hat Grand Opening available at the Hat at MGM
Retail $8.50

Thank you for the scan Marlene!

Orlando Airport 20th Anniversary Pin

Here is some information regarding the airport pin and the extremely tight security measures there.

1st, the parking at OIA is very tight. The main parking garage has the roof closed and you cannot park within 300 feet of the terminal on the other levels so the parking in the main garage is very limited. They are recommending everyone use the satellite parking areas with shuttle transportation.

2nd, the second Disney store at the terminal is in the Delta Airlines Concourse out by the gates. The only way to get to this store is if your a ticketed passenger with a boarding pass or a badged airport employee.

These security measures at the airport are going to make this a difficult pin to get. Cast members at the stores said that they are going to divide the pins at 1500 to each store.

Haunted Mansion Holiday LE Series Begins!

The first in a series of 4 LE Haunted Mansion Holiday and 1 AP HMH pins.
Zero is 3D on this holiday pin!

LE 3600 ~ Retail $10.50
Available only at Port d'Orleans in New Orleans Square

100 Years of Magic
Pin #21 Variations
Pin #21 "Winnie the Pooh and a Day For Eeyore" has three distinct color variations in the same pin. The most notable color variation is in the part of the pin with the letters. Some were purple, some were white and some where light blue. The biggest difference is between the purple and white. One pin was even found with one part purple and the other part white.

Lee, thank you for the scan and information!

Friday October 5, 2001

Disneyland Paris Starts Pin Trading Tomorrow!!!

To Be Released at WDW
Sunday October 7, 2001

Magic Kingdom 30th Anniversary

LE 5000 Pop-up Pin
Retail $12.50
Available Property Wide

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
30th Anniversary
LE 3500
Retail $15.00

Available at:
World of Disney FL
Pin Central at Epcot
Expo Hall at the Magic Kingdom
The Sorcerer's Hat at MGM
Island Mercantile at DAK Boardwalk Pin Cart
All- Star Pin Carts
Contemporary Pin Cart

Contemporary 30th Anniversary

LE 1500
Retail $10.50
Available at the Contemporary.available on Saturday

20th Anniversary Airport
LE 3500
Retail $10.50

Available at the two Disney locations at
Orlando International Airport.

Cast Pin Blast

WDW will be hosting the 2nd Annual Cast Pin Blast at Little Lake Bryan for cast members and their guests on
Nov. 15, 2001 from 8am to 6pm.

Time and date subject to change without notice.

Thursday October 4, 2001

Haunted Mansion

Holiday Pins

Starting Saturday, October 6th

In celebration of the opening of Haunted Mansion Holiday, Disneyland has created a series of four pins representing different scenes from the attraction. On each Saturday during the month of October, beginning October 6th, a pin will be released from this new series. The pins will be released at Port d'Orleans and will be $10.50 each. All are limited editions of 3600 pins.
Limit of five pins per Guest.

Another Necessary "Evil" For Annual Passholders Only

A fifth Haunted Mansion Holiday pin, "Evil Wreath," has been created exclusively for DL Annual Passholders. Limited edition size of 5000, the pins will be available starting Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at Port d'Orleans. The pins will retail for $10.50 each.

Limited to 5 per Annual Passholder while supplies last.

Pin release dates, prices are subject to change without notice.

Nightmare Before Christmas Event Pins

Event Logo Pin
comes on dated coffin shaped card
LE 2500 ~ Retail $12.00
Translucent Haunted Mansion Pin
Glows in the Dark and comes in wooden presentation box.
LE 150 ~ Retail $50
The ornament and pin sets came boxed in a coffin shaped dated box.
Each set is limited to 750 ~ Retail $18.00

Vicki and Dale, thank you for the scans!

Disneyland CM Little Monsters 2001

Disneyland Cast Member Little Monsters 2001
This pin glows in the dark and the zeros in "2001" are little bats.

Thank you for the scan Jeri!

Snow White Spinner Pin

The remaining 2500 of the spinner pin will be released property wide tomorrow, Friday, October 5th.

Wednesday October 3, 2001

WDW 4th Quarter Flex Pass Pin
4th Quarter Travel Company Pin
Disney.com pin that was given out after collecting the Virtual pins on the web site, when you redeem the coupon and purchase pins at MGM.
Mary Poppins Bert and Penguins
Open Stock ~ $6.50

Marlene, thank you for the scans!

October Artist Choice Pin
"Haunted Hollywood"

"Haunted Hollywood"
created by Disney Artist
Keri Murphy

Saturday, October 13, 2001
10 am to 1 pm at Treasures in Paradise
LE 2001 ~ Retail $12.00 ~ Limit 2 pins per guest

Thanks to Dale for the scan!

Tuesday October 2, 2001

Nightmare Before Christmas Arrives!

Haunted Mansion Glow in the Dark
Open Stock ~ Retail $10.50
Open Stock ~ Retail $10.50
Lock, Shock and Barrel
Open Stock ~ Retail $10.50
Open Stock ~ Retail $8.50

The three Nightmare Before Christmas pins come on coffin shaped
cards, they are all open stock but sold out quickly. Hopefully
more will be available tomorrow.

These four open stock pins will soon be accompanied by some very special
Limited Edition Nightmare Before Christmas pins and an Annual Passholder Exclusive NBC pin.
The first LE pin will be released this Saturday, stay tuned for more news!

Vicki and Adrienne, thank you for sending the scans!

Pin release dates subject to change without notice.

It's GWP Sunday at the DLR!!
Sunday October 7, 2001

To Be Released on Sunday October 7, 2001
Resort Wide, all locations
Edition Size
DLR Fab 5 Group Pin
DLR Mickey Mouse Lanyard

To Be Released on Sunday October 7, 2001
at DL, DTD CA and the DLR Hotel Pin Locations
Edition Size
LE Fab 5 Pumpkin Patch
LE Bashful
LE Dopey
LE Happy
LE Doc
International Mickey ~ Italian
International Mickey ~ French

All pin release and event information is subject to change without
notice including dates, edition sizes and artwork.

To Be Released on Sunday October 7, 2001
at DCA and Acorns
Edition Size
LE DEP Hippo Float Pin
LE Mickey Mouse Pin

All pin release and event information is subject to change without
notice including dates, edition sizes and artwork.

Monday October 1, 2001

October Zodiac Pin of the Month
Scorpio Donald

Dizpins would like to congratulate the Zodiac Pin Contest Winner:
Jon from Mission Viejo, CA

100 Years of Magic
Abstract Icon Logo
Open Edition ~ Retail $10.50
"It Was All Started By A Mouse"
Scroll Pin
Open Edition ~ Retail $6.50

100 Years of Magic Photo Pins

Really show off your vacation! Have your picture taken and made into a pin!

What could be more fun? The first pin and a sheet of photos will retail for $15.00
Additional pins may be purchased for $12.50/ea
Currently, the only locations offering the pins with photos are Expo Hall at the Magic Kingdom and the Prop Shop at MGM.
More property-wide locations will be added over the next few weeks, Dizpins will let you know as soon as more locations are ready!

Counting Down to October 6th!

Cast Members are getting very excited about the start of pin trading at Disneyland Paris. They are wearing lanyards in the park and explaining pin trading to the guests. On October 6th DLP will be introducing 160 pins!

Two very limited pins will be released on that day, an LE 1000 Mickey and the LE Halloween pin (shown on prior news day).
Wouldn't it be great to be there for this great start of pin trading at DLP?!

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